Death, Lost in the Wilderness Customized Toy

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photo by Iron Doc Sampson

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photo by Iron Doc Sampson

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photo by Iron Doc Sampson

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(made using the Death figure from Tokyo Jesus for Arcane Divination series 1. Glow in the dark and blacklight responsive) ******* When Nature reclaims what rightfully belongs to her, even Death is forgotten Pavement, concrete, steel and wiring forced their way into the Wilderness with the help of Man. Nature was silenced by machinery and the establishment of routine and recreation for the greedy humans. Man had not only forgotten to honor the dispossessed spirits of the forest, they forgot about their own spirit as well ... The Death Spirit awoke shuffling through the underbrush of the ancient forest. How long had it been walking? When did it even begin the journey? And for what purpose? Twilight descended as shadows merged into one dark shroud, blanketing the woods. The sound of drums stirred in the distance and invigorated Death. But no. Not in the distance. From within itself ...

Production Details

  • Release Date:
  • Edition Size: 1
  • Materials:
  • Dimensions: 3.0"
  • Exclusive Release:
  • Ratio:

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