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Gohst Bat Skelsuit by Ferg & Brant PetersNew Terror Boy set to drop on Halloween

Fresh off their Best Collaboration win for Trouble Boys at the 2013 Designer Toy Awards, Ferg and Brandt Peters are releasing a new Terror Boy titled 'Gohst Bat Skelsuit'. This is set to release on Halloween day... [ read more ]


Squadt Assembly Popup ShopOpens at Rotofugi April 5th online preview now live

When we were in Chicago a few weeks back we spoke with Kirby & Whitney of  Rotofugi about the Squadt Assembly Show, and my only reaction was pure anger that it wasn't happening the only weekend I was there. The show is actually... [ read more ]

  • Posted: almost 9 years ago
  • Categories: Events

Ice Sqube by FergReleases at Playge store 12.03 @ noon CST

This latest Sqube from Ferg is titled 'Ice Edition' and will be available to buy at playge.net on December 3rd @ noon cst. This edition of 200 stands 4" tall and will retail for $55 which includes worldwide shipping. Be sure to follow updates... [ read more ]


Playge Doc S003 Treats by FergHalloween Squadt release from Playge

Just for Halloween, Ferg has created a black/orange colorway of his Squadt Playge Doc titled 'Treats' which is dropping Halloween Day at noon CST, and they'll be on sale store.projectsquadt.com for $95 each.... [ read more ]


The critic now has his own toyJeremyriad Exclusive Mini Misfortune Cat

Big congrats to Jeremy Brautman: writer, collector, and critic for releasing his first exclusive toy. As a 'non-writer', I do enjoy hitting up his blog jeremyriad.com to get an alternative perspective on the toy industry, great interviews, and some interesting non-toy links to check out. Jeremy has teamed up with Ferg to release an exclusive GID Misfortune Cat titled 'Jeremycat'.... [ read more ]


First shots of 'The Super Suck Up' at DCon 2012Featuring: Ferg, Frank Kozik, Doktor A, and Paul Kaiju

So it appears the The Super Suck Up! is in full swing with previews already released from Ferg, Frank Kozik, Doktor A, and Paul Kaiju. This Sucklord themed event, featuring 16 custom Sucklord Bootlegs at this years DCon 2012, November 3rd at the Pasadena Convention Center. This will be just one of many Sucklord themed events including a show 'Retrospective Art Show A Losing Proposition: 2004-2012', and his all-day Suckathon show where he'll be interviewing artists and whoever else happens by his booth. Go visit designercon.com to buy tickets now for just $5 each, and we'll see you in November.... [ read more ]


Your Misfortune is now coming at you blindMini Misfortunate Cat blind box series from Ferg & Playge

Looks like our good buddy Ferg is set to drop a new blindbox series of his popular Misfortune Cat platform. According to a variety of sources this series will feature 16 designs, stand 2.5" and will release at toy retailers in September for $10. I love series like this because I don't really care which colorways I get, though I'm definitely leaning toward the Playge version I see in the background. After the collab with Grody Shogun this drop from Playge is another great mini-series I can get behind. Be sure to follow @fergbag for more updates.... [ read more ]


Tomenosuke Trouble Boys exclusive ... DrifterNew Release: Trouble Boys No.7 by Ferg & Brandt Peters

The only drop info about this Trouble Boys at the moment is that it will be in sometime in May and it will be exclusive to Tomenosuke. While I'm happy with my 'Trouble Boys N°23', I think I'm going to have to try and score this guy as well. An eye patch and butchers knife couldn't be anymore badass if it tried. I think this Ferg and Brandt Peters collaboration has been one of my all-time favorites. Look for more info about this release at tomenosuke.com.... [ read more ]


Update on our book 'Deconstructing Designer Toy'Potentially looking for new publisher to speed up release date

For those people unfamiliar with what I'm talking about, back in November I made a newspost calling for artists to participate in an upcoming book we wanted to produce titled 'Deconstructing Designer Toys'. In this book, toy customizers would submit some of their work, and then as part of the submission they would describe the process for one of their pieces ... triumphs, difficulties, etc. Hopefully, making this a bit more than a typical toys/portfolio book with pretty pictures. We put the book together in about 6-7 weeks from start to finish, in order to hit a July 2012/SDCC release date. Well, it looks like our release date is around early 2013 so we're trying to explore our options.... [ read more ]

  • Posted: almost 10 years ago
  • Categories: Hype

FERG is a Squadt makin' machineNKD Nozzel Squadt and QPMNT PACs 5 & 6 by FERG

Hot on the heels of his nearly sold out Trigger exhibition at Stranger Factory with Brandt Peters as well as releasing the GID NKD Nozzel S00?, GERM 001, and K11 [Frozn Whole] III Pac additions to his Squadt line, FERG has just announced a Retailer Version of NKD Nozzel S00? and QPMNT PACs 5 & 6. The recently released NKD Nozzel S00? Squadt was an open edition with orders limited to a 48 hour period, but this new Retailer Version appears to be the exact same aside from it not being molded in Glow-in-the-Dark vinyl; which means that this Squadt will stand 6" tall with a removable helmet, 3 sets of eye lenses, 2.0 arms, and the union suit will have a sheath for the Tanto knife hidden on the backside.... [ read more ]

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