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More handmade woodiness from Pepe dropping tomorrowBeechblocks by Pepe Hiller

Looks like Pepe Hiller has been busy in the woodshop. Tomorrow he's dropping a series of 20 little 4" guys he's named Beechblock, and will retail for only $50 at his store Be sure to act fast if you want one because I've never managed to get a hold of one of Pepe's drops. The official date and time is July 5th at 8pm CEST (GMT +2), so get your F5 key and credit card ready.... [ read more ]


Two more artists announced for the 'Dreams in Focus' showParticipating artists include Lunabee and MiniKiki

We're pleased to help Vinyl Destination announce their upcoming show 'Dreams in Focus' which opens in July at the Exposure Gallery in Cape Town, South Africa. The roster of artists include a tight and incredible line-up of 10 artists, 5 South African, and 5 international. These artists have been carefully selected and promise to bring something amazing with their own unique style. Today we're happy to announce that South African artist MiniKiki and British artist Lunabee will both be participating in this upcoming show.... [ read more ]

  • Posted: about 8 years ago
  • Categories: Events

First and only release of Woodbees coming this weekNew Release: Woodbees by Lunabee & Pepe Hiller

We just received an email from Lunabee announcing her upcoming collaboration with the amazing Swiss woodworker Pepe Hiller called Woodbees. I'm a huge fan of both artist so this should be a great release, the only catch being there will only be 10 pieces ... 9 small worker bees for $99 each and one Queen bee for $149. The first 5 go on sale this Thursday 5/10 @ 7pm London time at and the second batch of 5 including the queen go on sale a week later on 5/17.... [ read more ]


Update on our book 'Deconstructing Designer Toy'Potentially looking for new publisher to speed up release date

For those people unfamiliar with what I'm talking about, back in November I made a newspost calling for artists to participate in an upcoming book we wanted to produce titled 'Deconstructing Designer Toys'. In this book, toy customizers would submit some of their work, and then as part of the submission they would describe the process for one of their pieces ... triumphs, difficulties, etc. Hopefully, making this a bit more than a typical toys/portfolio book with pretty pictures. We put the book together in about 6-7 weeks from start to finish, in order to hit a July 2012/SDCC release date. Well, it looks like our release date is around early 2013 so we're trying to explore our options.... [ read more ]

  • Posted: about 8 years ago
  • Categories: Hype

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