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Pierced_-_shades_of_grey-parra-pierced-kidrobot-trampt-87532tShades of grey pierced Pierced by Parra from Kidrobot

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  • Started: almost 11 years ago
  • Category: Library Item
  • 1 Replies

Missed deadlines and extended waiting on pre-orders?

There are a variety of brands, especially threeA (3A) and Coarse, that have been doing the pre-order thing for a while now which much success. As a business owner I would love to pre-sell product b...

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  • Started: about 10 years ago by keegan
  • Category: Open
  • 1 Replies

Pyramidun_dunny_by_andrew_bell-new_dunny_design_from_kidrobot_in_two_weeks-trampt-2330tPyramidun Dunny by Andrew Bell

There is no formal announcement on the Kidrobot blog, but apparently this little guy by Andrew Bell showed up in the kidrobot.com store today. While I haven't been a fan of blindboxes lately, I hav...

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  • Started: over 10 years ago
  • Category: News Item
  • 6 Replies

Locks_-_milky_bliss-mark_landwehr_sven_waschk-locks-coarse-trampt-98973tLocks - milky bliss Locks by Mark Landwehr, Sven Waschk from Coarse

Originally shown as part of the November 2012 "souls gone mad" solo exhibition in Chicago, Locks is about to be released as 11'' vinyl figures and will be available in two editions at www.coarsehkg...

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  • Started: over 10 years ago
  • Category: Library Item
  • 1 Replies

Pit_spitter-andrew_bell-resin-trampt-99032tPit spitter Resin by Andrew Bell

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  • Started: over 10 years ago
  • Category: Library Item
  • 1 Replies

Its_no_teddybear_picnic_by_short_army-the_latest_print_from_warpaint_press-trampt-2119tIt's No Teddybear Picnic by Short Army

Yup, you read that right, I made the print AND I'm writing the blogpost about it (and if you'd be so kind, I'd love for you to buy one). The print is titled It's No Teddybear Picnic by Short A...

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  • Started: over 10 years ago
  • Category: News Item
  • 3 Replies

Megaseth_trampt_discussion_with_lisa_rae_hansen-unboxed_video_series-trampt-2086tMegaSeth Trampt discussion with Lisa Rae Hansen

So over the last few weeks while coding new features for Trampt, we talked a bunch about creating some new content that went beyond typical blog posts. Since I order a bunch of toys all the time, I...

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  • Started: over 10 years ago
  • Category: News Item
  • 1 Replies

Das_spooky_ghost-short_army_miri_rooney-munny-trampt-89030tDas spooky ghost Munny by Short Army (Miri Rooney)

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  • Started: almost 11 years ago
  • Category: Library Item
  • 2 Replies

Chore-avatar666-wabbit-trampt-78440tEl chore! Wabbit by Avatar666

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  • Started: about 11 years ago
  • Category: Library Item
  • 4 Replies

Dripple_by_sket-one_is_dropping-dcon_exclusive_at_bad_juju_booth_829-trampt-1633tDripple by Sket-One is dropping

Making their debut in style, the boys at Bad Juju are hitting DCon 2012 with their exclusive ‘Kickstarter’ Dripple designed by Sket-One, a limited edition 6” blue collectable...

  • ▲17 ▼0
  • Started: about 11 years ago
  • Category: News Item

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