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Caveman Dinosaur and debut of Pie GuyDCon releases from Super7

Seems like I'm finding a bit more time to actual post some news on the site, and I wanted to tell you all about a new figure from Brian Flynn set to debut at Designer Con ... Pie Guy. The first flavor offering from the Pie Guy line of figures... [ read more ]


Super7's SDCC Toy ExclusivesSDCC July 18-21, Super7 Booth #5245

I have to admit, I sometimes can't get all amped up about exclusive releases until I see the whole line-up, and with so many amazing toys in the work for SDCC I am finally feeling excited as I sift through emails.... [ read more ]

  • Posted: over 5 years ago
  • Categories: Articles

Custom Deadbeet Group Show at Toy Art GalleryFeaturing 50+ customs of Scott Tolleson's Deadbeet

In case you are not in-the-know, the Deadbeet is a 6" nasty, grumpy, garden-wrecker from the green thumbs and whacky mind of Scott Tolleson. Toy Art Gallery has invited 50 of the scene's best customizers... [ read more ]

  • Posted: over 5 years ago
  • Categories: Events

Mummy Seijin by Brian Flynn and KaToPeSuper7 will release this Thursday 11.15 @ noon pst

A new take on the classic Mummy Boy, Brian Flynn has joined forces with KaToPe to produce the all new Mummy Seijin. This new Super7 figure is the latest member... [ read more ]


New release from Super7 for Giants playoff runGiants Pocket Baseball Boy by Brian Flynn

As a Red Sox fan, this entire season was one of the most painful I can remember, but that certainly doesn't mean I'm done watching baseball ... especially to watch the Yankees lose. One of the teams up for the task would be the Giants, and Super7 is dropping an in-store only edition of their signature Pocket Baseball Boy by owner/artist Brian Flynn. This 'Giants Edition' is a 3" tall figure features a Pearlescent Grey vinyl body and a White vinyl head, with Black & Orange detailing. It will be available in-store this Thursday, October 11th for $25 each so you'll need to hit up their shop. To find out exactly where that is go find directions on their site and in closing good luck to any team facing the Yankees. :)... [ read more ]


Massive fiberglass pieces, custom toys, & prints from Brian FlynnThis Temporary Moment at Toy Art Gallery opens 10/5

Brian Flynn best known as the mastermind behind Super7 will debuting a variety of new work this weekend for his solo show titled 'This Temporary Moment' at Toy Art Gallery. This show will featuring 'massive fiberglass pieces' which I'm really exciting to see pictures of, and will have a variety of hand-painted resin & vinyl toys along with some limited screenprint editions. The opening is October 5th from 7-10pm and I assume Brian will be on hand.... [ read more ]

  • Posted: about 6 years ago
  • Categories: Events

Bryan's Little Prick coming at youGlowing Sundown Little Prick from Brian Flynn & Super7

There is something amusing talking about a Little Prick figure, though as the creator I would worry about someone saying have you seen Bryan Flynn's Little Prick? Oh yeah, my favorite is Sunburnt, and I like that it's only 4 inches! Wow, sorry I got sidetracked. Anyway, the 'Glowing Sundown' edition from Super7 drops tomorrow 9/20 at noon PST for $35 over at [ read more ]


Mummy Boy gets his game onPocket Baseball Boy by Brian Flynn & Super7

First spotted at tonight's Mummy Mania custom art opening at Super7, it appears Brian Flynn's iconic creation Mummy Boy will be getting a slight redesign as he dons a baseball cap. Confirmed by Super7, this new version of the classic figure will be called the Pocket Baseball Boy. No word on release date at this time.... [ read more ]

  • Posted: almost 7 years ago
  • Categories: Hype

Another bunch of kick-ass dudes ... know them, follow themFeatured Artists: Brian Flynn, Ferg, Mike Mitchell & Andy Kehoe

This week we've got another amazing set of artists that most of you guys have probably heard of, but if you haven't then I guess I'm doing my job. While news has been taking a bit of a back-seat to developing new code and creating new interactions for the Marketplace, I wanted to make sure I at least find time to updated our Featured Artists. Maybe in some miracle future I will have an extra 4-5 hours a day to do this, or if we revamp the code we can bring on other bloggers who like writing. Anyway, on to our featured artists:... [ read more ]

  • Posted: over 6 years ago
  • Categories: Hype

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