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Ever since he held his first crayon, Scott Kinnebrew has attempted to manifest the things only seen in his mind. After spending years working strictly in the digital medium on projects ranging from movie and music posters, album covers, and digital video content, the need to create physical works resurfaced.

After a 10 year break, Kinnebrew now finds himself working with acrylics, brushes, markers and spray paint on surfaces like canvas, plastic,wood, shoes and vinyl toys.

Bright colors, bold lines and the motivation from the things around him make up the majority of his works, those of which were most recently displayed at the Sweden Meets Austin : Music Meets Art show at SXSW 2011.

"If it can be used to create Ill give it a try, and thats what attracted me to not only canvas but urban vinyl as well." says Kinnebrew,"I create for me, so my main focus is fun. If Im not having fun creating, Im not doing it right."

An avid toy collector, and fan of franchises like Star Wars, Flash Gordon, Spawn, The Maxx, Akira, the inspiration has always close at hand. "I wouldn't say I have a style per say, but more of a general area of focus." he continues, "I think my biggest enemy is time, I like to work fast, I wan't to see results quickly. It helps keep me motivated to work on the next piece. I'm always thinking about the next piece."

Speaking of that next piece, Scott took home this year's "James Brown" award at the Kid Robot Munnyworld Megacontest

From "The "hardest working" category was also one of the hardest to judge. There were a ton of amazing entries by many talented artists. But in the end, Scott Kinnebrew took the prize with over a dozen hand painted and uniquely sculpted designs that utilize all the MUNNYWORLD platforms. Congrats! "

"The Kid Robot contest this year taught me alot. It's also driven me to sculpt, and since getting into that i've knocked out 2 new custom creatures. I honestly didn't think I'd be able to doo 14 figures in 30 days, and in the end it only took me 28."

Be it painting, sculpture, or customizing, if there is a "vibe" something sends off, Scott will give it a go.

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