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WhatNot User

a collector of art and whatnot.

ToadinaTophat User

I like things. Lots of things. I am especially a sucker for cute things

humantornado User

Enthusiastic Toy Collector and Seller.

BrightEyedCreatures User

I primarily work with river rocks, glass marbles and polymer clay. I like working with polymer clay because it stays soft until cured in an oven. My favorite brand is Fimo because it works really w...

therealchinaman User

Collector living in Southern California

Poopiepants User

The one who dies with the most toys, totally ran out of shelf space.

crazylikeafox11 User

I collect toys, dvds, play video games and somewhat recently got into comics. (I figure there's a lot of toys based off comic characters so why not start reading them?) Sometimes I have great...

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