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Yum Yum factory introduces Bear in eight designsUpcoming platform release from the guys at Yum Yum Factory

I still don't know that much about the team over at Yum Yum Factory except that they create amazing characters and aren't afraid to take some risks and do it all themselves. Their first series, Yum Yum - Toy Series 1, is an series of 5 different figures which can still be pre-ordered at yumyumlondon.com/store for few more days before they start shipping around August 20th. These new Bears however are still just a mysterious blog post that came with a description "New Toy Design! He’s big, round and comes in eight flavours. Yay!" so we'll let you know more soon.... [ read more ]


Hopefully the first of many toy releases from Yum Yum LondonToy Series 1: Cactus, Popcorn, Granny, Hotdog, and Zombie

I don't know how I stumbled onto Yum Yum, but I'm sure glad I did. Yum Yum is a London based animation studio fronted by two animators Beth and Jonny, who decided to bring some of their amazing 2D characters into the real world. This first series is being sold only as a set for £60 and it consists of 5 characters: Cactus, Popcorn, Granny, Hotdog, and Zombie. The only downfall for me is that I wish they were around 8" or so instead of 4.7" ... otherwise these seem like a great pick-up. Hopefully this is just the first of many releases, since judging by the Yum Yum Flickr photostream they have many more characters to choose from down the line. Go pre-order yours now at yumyumlondon.com with them shipping in August... [ read more ]

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