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TAG Anniversary Show : 2012

Toy Art Gallery is excited to announce our first Anniversary at our Melrose location! To mark the occasion, we’ve invited over 50 of our favorite artists and friends to join us in celebration. Come out to our celebration on Saturday, September 15th and be the first to have access to exclusive editions, one-of-a-kind custom toys and works of art, limited edition apparel, and more!


Chapter One : The Confrontation

myplasticheart welcomes master customizers Rohby and Phu for an epic world spanning battle. Each artist has assembled an army of customized soldiers who will be waging war against each other on our NYC battleground.


Custom Yoka Show

AdFunture provided their 3” blank Yoka panda bear vinyl figures and DKE Toys co-founders Dov Kelemer and Sarah Jo Marks found over 200 artists to participate in the Custom Yoka Show. Featuring work from 20 countries the show turns the quirky little panda into everything from a dirty thug to a sweet snail in this tremendous exhibition. Pieces range from $25 to $800 and will be available for purchase through Black Maria Gallery. The Custom Yoka Show is meant to coincide with the release of Yoka Series One, a blind boxed collectible figurine that is now available.

  • Dates: February 18, 2010 | March 2, 2010
  • Venue: Black Maria

MADL Citizens Show


Beasts of Burden

A CUSTOM VINYL SHOW PRESENTED BY SUBTEXT & CARDBOARD SPACESHIP. Participating Artists Include: Martin Ontiveros, Scribe, Daniel Fleres, N.C. Winters, Abe Lincoln Jr., Doktor A, Cameron Tiede, MNDZ, Bucky Lastard, Kelly Vivanco, Colby Nichols, Angelina Wrona, Scott Altmann, Tessar Lo, Chris Ryniak, Tom Haubrick, Munk One, Josh Kenyon, Patrick Ballesteros, Ronald A. Kurniawan, Camilla d’Errico, Alex Willan, Phu!, Dave Chung, Andrew Holder, SatOne, Steve Chanks, Alisa Ross, Aaron Thomas, & Sita Lawton.

  • Dates: July 25, 2008 | July 26, 2008
  • Venue: Subtext

Hell Lotus Art Show

  • Dates: Unknown | Unknown
  • Venue: Unknown

Kidrobot : King of the Boards

  • Dates: Unknown | Unknown
  • Venue: Kronikle

Sharky Show

  • Dates: Unknown | Unknown
  • Venue: Toyqube

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