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Our Sixth Chrismahanukwanzakah Winner!Congrats to Thomas!

Thanks to everyone for playing along with us, and we're ready to announce the sixth Chrismahanukwanzakah giveaway winner. The winner of the 'Butterfly Bulltet' by Kronk is Trampt member Thomas. The winner of the daily sticker pack for reposting our image is Instagram member xegorfe.... [ read more ]

  • Posted: over 5 years ago
  • Categories: Hype

Android Series 4 is HereNow dropping at a Variety of Toy Shops

Andrew Bell has been slowly teasing out the upcoming Android Series 4 releases over the last week or so, and it looks like they're finally online. Featuring a great mix of artists, some from previous series and... [ read more ]


Dunny Evolve by KidrobotNew Series featuring: Frank Kozik, McBess, Kronk, Huck Gee, & Scott Tolleson

The new Dunny series from Kidrobot titled 'Dunny Evolved' seems to be a pretty interesting spin on the blindbox concept. Choose five artists to show the evolution of a figure, which at this point is still a guess to what that might be. Stack... [ read more ]


Stealth Bad Ass by KronkSecond colorway of the Bad Ass ape produced by Pobber Toys

I got a chance to check out the 'Forest Bad Ass' a few weeks back at SDCC and the only reason I didn't pull the trigger was because I wanted to pick up the 'Stealth Bad Ass'. First of all the quality of the Bad Ass is amazing, I was able to... [ read more ]


Dunny Apocalypse release officially revealedSeries drops from Kidrobot & Select Retailers on 11.8

Thanks in part to and the wonderful flippers on eBay it should come as no surprise that this series is being released. Most of you have seen all the designs in the Dunny Apocalypse series from Kidrobot.... [ read more ]

  • Posted: over 7 years ago
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Lucha Libre! peek from Huck GeeLucha Libre! at Rotofugi & curated by The Beast Brothers

Huck Gee just posted up a sneak-peek at his custom Munny for the upcoming 'Lucha Libre!' show at Rotofugi. The show opens this Friday, October 5th thanks to the dynamic duo of Carlos & Ernesto ... aka The Beast Brothers. Nearly half of the show will be customs by the Beast Brothers themselves, and the rest will feature contributions from a variety of amazing artists listed below. The show opens at 7pm and runs until 10 with both Carlos & Ernesto in attendance. For more info or directions go to [ read more ]

  • Posted: over 7 years ago
  • Categories: Events

Another Series 3 Android Preview in the same day?Escape Ape by Kronk

I happened to be stumbling around on Trampt's Pinterest ... which I normally just use in the morning to post our daily customs, prints, and toy rewind, when all of asudden I see an unfamiliar Android design. Looks like Kronk decided to pin his design 'Escape Ape' for the soon to be released Android - Series 3 hitting your local retail shop in about two weeks. I knew that site was good for something.... [ read more ]


A variety of Ironclad Decimator Dunnys to choose fromDecimator Dunny by Doktor A and Kidrobot

Another Dunny release split between [m Kidrobot[/m] and their retailers along with a 3rd chase design similar to the Tree Hugger Dunny release from Kronk a few years back. I believe the Doktor A's 'Professor Teslastein' design from the 2Tone is the creator of these creatures. I'm definitely a big fan of the latest Kidrobot releases that have a bit more sculpting to them, rather than a simple paintjob. The run for each design is 600 with 1 in 6 chse, and dropping September 6th for $75.... [ read more ]


Already my official nominee for 2013 DTA Toy of the YearDweezil Dragon by Kronk and Kidrobot

This is the second release announced today that is going to destroy my bank account and it's only noon. Looks like Kronk and Kidrobot have brought their 'A' game releasing a MASSIVE 15" vinyl figure called Dweezil Dragon. I can't believe how much awesome is packed into this figure which is available in two colorways and limited to 300 pieces in each color. The $350 price tag is definitely going to be a turn off for some but at least there is some time to save up before this guy drops August 23rd at Kidrobot Stores,, and select retailers.... [ read more ]


Kronk's take on the '8/9' deadly sins in Labbit form8 Deadly Sins Labbit Series by Kronk & Kidrobot

Looks like even while Kidrobot is busy running around SDCC, they still have time to drop some news on us. South African superstar (world-wide superstar) Kronk has teamed up with Kidrobot to produce a Labbit series titled Deadly Sins. My only confusion with this series is why are 8 mentioned in Kidrobot's blog post when there are actually 9 cards included in the post: Sloth, Pride, Envy, Dejection, Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Wrath, and Stupidity? Regardless, the series looks awesome and if all of them are included in a case I will definitely pick one up on July 26th.... [ read more ]

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