Donation/Prize list to go along with 'For the Love of Art' artist giveaway

WINNER UPDATE: Big congrats to Rsinart for winning our first 'For the Love of Art' giveaway. We'll probably be announcing part 2 in the next couple of weeks so artists should keep a look out. Congrats again to Lonnie and I can't wait to see what he does will all this stuff. :)

We've got a contest going on over here called For the Love of Art giveaway, in which we'll choose an artist who has been produced amazing work over the next 100 (now 95) days and reward them with $500 cash, free advertising on Trampt, and a prize package that consists of all the items listed below, which we'll be updating as new donations keep coming in.

If you'd like to help us out with some toys, markers, paints, or whatever just reach out to us. The bigger this gets the better. We would love to ship a giant box of stuff so the winner has enought things to keep them creating without having to worry about sourcing figures or materials.

Big thanks to the following artists, manufacturers & stores for adding to this stellar prize package. PLEASE support them for supporting us!

Tenacious Toys
As usual, Benny was first to step up and is putting together a mix of Monster Kolor paints for this package. Go check out Tenacious Toys

Kevin sent me an email last night and stepped up huge. Toy2r will be graciously donating all of the following:

Brutherford reached out to us in support of this project and will be sending some great stuff to keep, or maybe customize. :)

I'll put two Ice Scream Man colorways in mail. One open edition Vanilla Ice Scream Man, One Strawberry Ice Scream Man signed and numbered, and he's including a matching color mini-figure with each which is super rare & exclusive because nobody has them yet.

Brian Ahlbeck
Brian tweeted a while back that he had a bunch of extra toys he was willing to part with if someone wanted to customize them and all they had to do is pay for shipping. Of coarse I snagged them all up and now they're part of the prize package. Big thanks again to Brian and go check out this shop Dead Hand Toys.

Wizard Sleeve Toys
Apparently Mike over at Wizard Sleeve Toys was cleaning house and wanted to help us out with this project and donated six 'GID Bacon MAD*L's by Sket-One. We'll be including 5 of them in this giveaway and we'll be giving one away in our weekly contests. Thanks again to Mike and go check out Wizard Sleeve Toys who at the moment have a big sale going on.

Pobber Toys
Jake over at Pobber Toys liked what we were doing for artists & decided to donate three great pieces. One of which isn't even revealed to the public yet.

How do you win?

As an artist all you have to do to participate is post your work on the site, participate in conversations, maybe show off some WIP, send us some news, and generally keep us and your fans in the loop so we know to go look at everything you're creating ... that's it. Then we'll go through the site and in June we'll pick a winner with the help of our mods & some outside influencers.

Becoming a verified artist in Trampt unlocks all conversation posting abilities. So create an account, have an item in the library and then shoot an email to and we'll link them up.

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10 Replies

Nice one dude :-) Do you want to add the Zombie custom to the prize pool?

over 9 years ago · Comment ·


keegan a I was going to do it as one of the surprise giveaways, but I can make it part of this instead if you wish. :) over 9 years ago

Hot news! I will definitely try to win it! ahahha

over 9 years ago · Comment ·

Wow wow wow!!!thats great guys!!! such awesome support for the artists! yay for trampt, yay for donations, yay for artists!!! Its inspiring me to get some work done, and out it out there. 

over 9 years ago · Comment ·


keegan a that's the hope. :) over 9 years ago

Prize updates thanks to Brian Ahlbeck ... check out above! :)

over 9 years ago · Comment ·

I want to win this!


Carson Catlin

  • Artist

over 9 years ago · Comment ·


keegan a ... and hopefully there is still more stuff coming. Just share all the awesome stuff you're doing and I'm sure you'll be at the top of the list. :) over 9 years ago

Sounds awesome! 



  • Artist

over 9 years ago · Comment ·

Awesome prizes!


Dead Hand Studios

  • Manufacturer

over 9 years ago · Comment ·


keegan a thanks ... we are working on a few more at the moment. Will post when it's definite. over 9 years ago

I hope I even stand a chance on this. Would love to customize some of those prizes



  • Artist

over 9 years ago · Comment ·

i so would love to win. id better get working hard then.

over 9 years ago · Comment ·

I wish all Artists well and good luck with this contest (I'm a collector)!

over 9 years ago · Comment ·

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