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  • 2 Replies

Question about Glow in the Dark Vinyl

Hey, I'm a bit busy with everything going on at the moment, and find it hard to concentrate. Anyone willing to point me to or provide a quick breakdown of what Glow in the Dark vinyl is how lo...

  • 4 Replies

Works in Progress!

I'm a collector, and I'm interested in seeing pictures of works in progress and reading what goes into making your Art Toys!

  • 5 Replies

What is the Biggest Mistake You've Made Learning to Customize Toys?

Custom toys is a virgin territory for me, and nature abhors a virgin. So, please help me out and share some of your experiences as you've travelled the learning curve.I'm looking forward ...

  • 4 Replies

Making Toys

Following on from the previous conversation about who doesn't make toys but should I guess there's lots of artists /  collectors here who would like to make toys but aren't sure how to go abou...

  • 0 Replies

Airbrush Recommendations?

Hey! I've been playing around with the idea of buying an airbush for use in toy customizing. Does anyone have any recommendations? Like "Use blah compressor, and blehh brush!" Im pretty stoked to ...

  • ▲4 ▼0
  • Started: over 5 years ago by Nick Bane
  • Category: Open
  • 3 Replies

Anyone Have Experience Rehydrating Citadel Layering Paints?

I recently got my hands on a bunch of old Citadel brand layering paints, originally intended for Warhammer 40K. They weren't powder paint to begin with and are now relatively dried out, kind of a g...

  • 2 Replies

Fixing an Object

This isn't exactly toy related, but I'm wondering if you can help me out. I'm wondering if any of you can recommend a bonding agent (glue) to attach Ivory to Bone. My sister sent me a Inuit art pie...

  • 6 Replies

I'm just trying to get to 500

So I made this video showing me reticulate a munny.Check it out here.https://vimeo.com/46195045When I hit 500 followers on twitter I will give this guy away.Follow me here. https://twitter.com...

  • 3 Replies

Flocked toys

I was just wondering how everyone cleans their flocked toys? I don't keep my toys in cases and I find the flocked ones attract dust really easily and end up looking kind of grubby. Any tips would b...

  • ▲16 ▼0
  • Started: almost 6 years ago by boo
  • Category: Open
  • 8 Replies

From start to finish: The Forest Guardian Squadt

Hey guys, I'm really enjoying trampt now that I finally found it, and thought I'd make an effort to share some of my process here on pieces going forward. I know this post is a little lean on WIP d...

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