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  • 6 Replies

What got you hooked?

What was the first designer toy you bought that got you hooked on toys? Mine was a blind box Mighty Uprock Animal, I bought at Wacko/Soap Plant, I think I pulled "Poprocks and Coke". They came out...

  • ▲27 ▼1
  • Started: almost 6 years ago by Nick Bane
  • Category: Open
  • 3 Replies

Introductions...collect cryptids, negoras and more

Hello, I am new to Trampt. Not yet sure how it all works here yet. My lifelong passion is folklore and myth and I have long collected books and art in that area. I have a special fondness for folkl...

  • 9 Replies

Welcome To Conversations - Hello My Name Is Blake

Hey there. I usually stay pretty well behind the scenes, but I write all the code for Trampt, and try to help Keegan out with the business in general. Keegan did a great job designing the new Conve...

  • ▲23 ▼0
  • Started: over 6 years ago by blake
  • Category: Open
  • 14 Replies

Welcome to conversations - Hello My Name is Keegan

Hey guys ... I'm going to make a quick faq/feedback conversation to handle some of the glitches, requests or general feedback on this new section of the site. In the meantime I thought I would int...

  • ▲60 ▼0
  • Started: over 6 years ago by keegan
  • Category: Open
  • 7 Replies

New Member Alert! Illustrator/Printmaker from Belfast…

Hi there, I'm Neal  McCullough aka Hand Drawn Creative. I'm a Northern Irish Illustrator/Printmaker. You may have seen my work around the web before, maybe on Planet Pulp or OMG posters. Anyw...

  • 3 Replies


LOOKING FOR FRENCH ADDICT ... JE LE REMET EN FRANCAIS AUSSI OU PAS ? (et là j'ai perdu 99% des lecteurs de ce sujet ahahah, on verra si google trad le traduit par un lol style).   Ma...

  • ▲9 ▼0
  • Started: almost 6 years ago by fromduskk
  • Category: Open
  • 0 Replies

Are there any Toy Galleries or Artist/Collectors in Virginia/Washington D.C./Maryland Area?

I'm interested in finding out if anyone knows of any Toy galleries in Virginia, Washington D.C., or Maryland? Also, I would like to chat with locals here who also collect or make art/Art Toys.

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