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  • 3 Replies

Luke Chueh Kickstarter!!!!!

Who here is supporting the Luke Chueh Kickstarter? I think the piece looks fantastic. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/clutter/luke-chuehs-dissected?ref=nav_search

  • 15 Replies

Anyone going to support the Sucklord's Kickstarter?

I saw Spanky Stokes blog talking about the Sucklords new toy The Villain. Went and checked out the Kickstarter campaign, and it looks interesting. There are 29 days to go and he is trying to r...

  • 4 Replies

Dead Kozik Bust Kickstarter!

The awesome Dead Kozik bust saw at the Frank Kozik tribute show last October is being made into a production run. The Red and GID colorway are exclusive through the kickstarter. Get yours today here!

  • 2 Replies

Zombirton! Sofubi Collaboration

Hi all! Just wanted to share this collaboration with Kenth Toy Works. We are trying to make our new figure in vinyl (sofubi) and we need your help!  Here is the sculpt: We have set up a ki...

  • 0 Replies

Sucklord Kickstarter is awesome! Place your order soon, only 18 days to go.

If you have ever liked anything the Sucklord has produced you need to pledge to this Kickstarter!!! Currently there are 10 figures to be produced with stretch goals arranged to add another 5 to the...

  • 2 Replies

Less than 2 days Left to Fund the Dead Kozik Kickstarter!!!

The Dead Kozik Kickstarter needs to get $2,500 in pledges over the next two days to be fully funded. Please donate at least a dollar to insure that this cool piece goes into production. If you have...

  • 1 Replies

Mighty Jaxx is having a Membership drive!

Mighty Jaxx is having a membership drive to secure funds to finance a new space for the company. They are offering several price points for different membership rewards including the GID Bad Apple ...

  • 4 Replies

The Original Bearycalm Kickstarter

These seems as good of a place as any to keep everyone informed of toy projects on Kickstarter. Maybe we should have a Convo tag specifically for it? Anyway, this one come from Bubi Au Yeung&nbs...

  • ▲17 ▼0
  • Started: over 9 years ago by keegan
  • Category: Open
  • 1 Replies

Anyone Supporting The Finger Mafia Kickstarter?

I keep seeing The Finger Mafia Kickstarter being pushed in the blogs (Looking at you Spanky Stokes), and it isn't the kind of project I really get behind (Reminds me of Dunny's, Munny's, Bear Brick...

  • 1 Replies

OMFG! Series 2 is funded

So, OMFG! Series 2 Kickstarter is fully funded, now I just have to wait for mine to arrive! Anyone else excited? Fund the kick starter? I also just found out Tenacious Toys will have an exclu...

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