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  • 2 Replies

Do blanks count ?

I have a blank Manotaur that I am getting customized. After I get it back painted, should I remove the blank and update with the customized one? Or leave both in my collection? I still will have th...

  • 0 Replies

The Fourth Legion

UPDATE: New Year Discounted Price!  Now only $300! - originally $480. *Includes 4 custom Kidrobot vinyl toys; one 10" Labbit and three 2.5" Micro Munnys. http://mindofthemasons.storenvy.com/...

  • 4 Replies

Christmas/New Year Wishes

Happy belated Christmas and New Year to all. Thanks to everyone who adds to the library and comments to make such a great site. Special thanks to Keegan and Blake for all the behind the scenes and ...

  • 6 Replies

R. I. P. Detolfs by Ikea

So I went to my local Ikea to pick up three Detolf Cabinets, only to find out that they haven't had them for over two months due to Manufacturer dificulties. Anyone else regretting not getting them...

  • 1 Replies

Missed deadlines and extended waiting on pre-orders?

There are a variety of brands, especially threeA (3A) and Coarse, that have been doing the pre-order thing for a while now which much success. As a business owner I would love to pre-sell product b...

  • ▲5 ▼0
  • Started: over 10 years ago by keegan
  • Category: Open
  • 13 Replies

Display and storage

As a museum professional that deals with collections management I was curious how collectors go about with the display and storage of their collections. What type of precautions are you taking to ...

  • ▲96 ▼0
  • Started: almost 12 years ago by MrVinegar
  • Category: Open
  • 2 Replies

Question about Glow in the Dark Vinyl

Hey, I'm a bit busy with everything going on at the moment, and find it hard to concentrate. Anyone willing to point me to or provide a quick breakdown of what Glow in the Dark vinyl is how lo...

  • 0 Replies

Sweet Sweet Kaiju!

S. H. Monster Arts - Biollante is finally available and it is awesomely huge!!! This isn't the normal Art/Designer Toy item that we list in the Library, but I figured there are a few people who mig...

  • 4 Replies

Dunny 3D Scan files

Hey Everyone, Lately I have been wanting to start customising dunnies, and since I sculpt everting by computer (Zbrush) I thought I would get a Dunny 3d scanned that way I could make custom parts ...

  • 1 Replies

Dumb question about images

A lot of the time I have a picture that seems pretty big - then when I upload it here it looks too small. When I enlarge it, the resolution sucks. I see people fixing them after I upload them thoug...

  • ▲4 ▼0
  • Started: about 11 years ago by nicedream
  • Category: Open

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