A Mascot For Trampt!

I was just commenting on the Thanks Trampt conversation that Trampt needs a mascot. So, I'm here to challenge all members to toss out some ideas and who knows maybe Blake and Keegan will get behind it.

There is no prize, just pure creative goodness.

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11 Replies

I agree with ELJEFE313's suggestion. A, shoeless, hitch-hiking hobo holding up a thrashed little sign that reads "Trampt" and his oversized thumb poking out.

With a special "Fucking Sweet" sign chase :)

*has an odd thing for hobos*

almost 8 years ago · Comment ·

As a serial entrepreneur I love creating new projects, in fact I have dozens of domain names that I've registered just in case I have an idea for them later like hasnoposse.com, suckmyfat.com and my favorite shavedwookie.com. One of these shorter names I happened to come up with was trampt, which in German means hitchhiking.

Years later I came up with the idea of building a site for collecting toys, and looked at all my 'brandable' domains versus using something generic like 'vinyltoysite.com' and Trampt seemed to fit the best. I wish the story was more exciting but apparently the site could have just as easily been called fuckinsweet.com. :)

And after all that ... HELL'S YES we need a mascot. No idea what it would be or how it would evolve but i would love to kickstart a DIY trampt figure this year. I'll bust out the playdough and see where I can set the bar.

almost 8 years ago · Comment ·


Necktie v Wha?? you have shavedwookie.com?? that's awesome! almost 8 years ago

I think this is great guys. Love the enthusiasm. I will let Keegan explain where Trampt came from... it was his brain-child.

almost 8 years ago · Comment ·

It should be a toy holding a toy

over 7 years ago · Comment ·


Easily_Amused Any idea which? over 7 years ago


ELJEFE313 IDK...both made up i guess... over 7 years ago

How about a silhouette of a hobo, you know holding that stick over his shoulder with a bag hanging from the end of it. And have a paintbrush sticking out of his back pocket. The bag and paint dripping off the brush could have the only color in it.

almost 8 years ago · Comment ·

I think the mascot should be a crazed adult in a onesie (perhaps a bunny onesie--maybe from Blamo Toys) rocking on the floor in his pajamas cradling a designer toy & surrounded by a bunch more art.

almost 8 years ago · Comment ·

I agree it should be a hitchhiker! But, I think it should be the Word Trampt written in different colored Grafiti letters stacked ontop of eachother totem pole style with a hand stuck out waving a hitchhiker thumb. Maybe a baseball cap on the top letter (which would be the head) and hold a vote for what art toy it should be gripping in its other hand.

What do you guys think?

almost 8 years ago · Comment ·


SugarWaterPurple sounds good. just seems hard to fit that much into a small-ish logo. but someone could pull it off. almost 8 years ago


Easily_Amused Thanks! I'm not an artist so I have no clue one way or another. almost 8 years ago

Well now we know the origin of the name, so my first suggestion would be if it's a logo type image or toy I think it should be a hitch hiking charactor or something emulated from that meaning....that's my two cents

almost 8 years ago · Comment ·

Well first thing I would want to know is who's the name "Trampt" came about, then kinda go in that direction to create a mascot. Not sure if a mascot is the right wording cuz the site covers more then just toys so maybe a symbol of sorts to represent all things as a whole.....IDK

almost 8 years ago · Comment ·


Easily_Amused That is a good place to start. How did Trampt come about? almost 8 years ago

i think thats a great idea! 



  • Artist

over 7 years ago · Comment ·


Easily_Amused Any ideas for a design? over 7 years ago


vinylcupcake v I think it could be a big Minny playing with a smaller toy. That would be cute. over 7 years ago


Easily_Amused You should do a sketch and share. over 7 years ago

Any progress yet?


over 7 years ago · Comment ·


Easily_Amused I haven't heard anything... over 7 years ago


Taos v Noone sent anything? over 7 years ago


Easily_Amused Not that I've seen, but if you have any ideas hook it up here. over 7 years ago


blake a Hey guys thanks for the ideas... we are probably going to need a little time sorting out an official mascot. RIght now, prioritizing bigger features like Marketplace, etc. Definitely let's keep this thread going tho and when we get more serious about it, it will be a well of ideas. :) over 7 years ago


Easily_Amused Cool! over 7 years ago

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