Toy & Art suggestions for Boston?

Anyone have any toy and art suggestions for Boston and or surrounding areas?

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3 Replies

I agree with Keegan, Newbury comics is pretty much the only place to go. The one that has the most designer toys is in Faneul Hall (Government Center area) and Newbury Street. There is a comic book store in Davis Square, called Comicazi that sells a lot of comics, and has a big room in the back that has toys (spawn, transformers, old, new, stuff like that). They also have a counter of opened up Dunnys and other kidrobot figs for sale. If you want to see art, I suggest checking out the ICA near the Water front. It's small, but they feature contemporary and street/urban artist. They had Os Gemeos there a while back who did a giant mural near South Station. I'm not sure who the featured artist is at the moment. We may not have the toys and such, but we do have some very cool artist in the area =) 

over 10 years ago · Comment ·


keegan a Saw an OBEY show at the ICA a few years back and even from MBTA it's a hike ... especially in the summer or winter. over 10 years ago

I'm not sure about the question. Are you looking for places to buy toys & art or sell your own?  I know there is a gallery called something like Lot F that has had some Kaiju type shows, but you're pretty much stuck with Newbury Comics for getting toys.

Here's a tip, take an afternoon and swing by a bunch of the Newbury Comics. Some of them have/find old inventory and then put it on the shelves ... usually at a discount. Did that once a few years back and picked up some awesome stuff.

Personally I couldn't find much going on in Boston so we moved to LA. :)

over 10 years ago · Comment ·

Are you talking about Boston, MA?


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