An Open Letter To People Adding Items

Please, please, please include release dates, prices, edition # etc when adding items. I can't tell you how many times I'm looking up older items and I always want to know this info. It's a lot easier to do at the time of adding it, especially if it's recently released, then making someone look it up and hope to find a blog post about it somewhere years later when someone wants to know.


Yours Truly,

(nice dream)

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5 Replies

Some of the time, I add everything possible and then lock the item, but other times I'm adding like 30 Jenn and Tony bot customs and I know I could look up each and every release date but am just too lazy. On production pieces or resin runs, I agree though. I try to add this info. For people like J&T Bot, they make tons and tons of Dunnys, so this info may not be that important, but people like Sket One who's customs are rarer and more scarce, people will want to know what the deal is with his Dunnys. Thanks for posting this nicedream.

almost 10 years ago · Comment ·


nicedream Yeah less important with commissions. But today for example I was looking up old Amanda Visell customs, and none had release dates. almost 10 years ago


thankyou m Hmm… yeah I could see how that would be annoying… I know how frusturated I can get from having to start a board post every time I want to know a date or nmber! almost 10 years ago

it would be cool if we could enter just the year in case we don't have a specific date, especially older toys are hard to get all infos, but year would be the most important IMHO

almost 10 years ago · Comment ·


MrLongbaugh Was going to say the same actually, and perhaps be able to say if an edition is open so that it doesn't look like the info has just been skipped. almost 10 years ago


keegan a if you only know the year I just put 01/01/YEAR. There is a future state of Trampt where exact release date of new items will be important, but for filling in older items I just use the system above. almost 10 years ago

I agree with everyone. The bonus of trampt is that not only is it good for tracking your collection but it's very useful for reference, so details are important. And yeah, price is one of those things that can somtimes be near impossible to find when the toy/print/art sells out. On the flip side at least people are adding material at all.

almost 10 years ago · Comment ·

omg i cant agree with you more. i see something posted that i really like, look for a release date and its blank. its always blank! so frustrating! date and og price are so important, please include that information.

almost 10 years ago · Comment ·

I agree, though I'm probably the most guilty of this. When it's a new item I always try to add all the info I can find, but if I'm finding a 5 year old item then I'm just trying to get it into the site and hopefully other people can help update the info if they know it.

That's the power of the community. If you look at the changelog's on the site, it's really amazing to watch how many different people keep adding to items in the site. One person will add the heigh, two months later another person will add the price.

almost 10 years ago · Comment ·


nicedream Yeah for most recently released stuff it seems to be pretty complete, I guess it's mostly the retroactively added things which require some research that I'm finding a lot of incomplete details on. almost 10 years ago


itsa_mia m we still need the feature where the date carries over for gallery showings. ill admit ive mainly stopped posting shows because i didnt want to fill in the date every time for 100 items. get that feature in there and ill post every show almost 10 years ago


keegan a Keep posting shows and skip the dates, bulk edit feature for series and events coming in the near future for moderators. :) almost 10 years ago


itsa_mia m my ocd cant cope =p almost 10 years ago


keegan a sorry :) A lot has been going on behind the scenes at Trampt (for the better) as we're driving towards back-end changes and new features. almost 10 years ago

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