As usual, another thread has got me thinking: Are you a completist of any particular line or series of figures/plush/prints/work by an artist, etc? If so, please share!

If you're don't yet have every piece, are you seriously hunting down all pieces from any particular line or platform? Would love to see those lists too and maybe folks can help one another out!

My short list is below (Completes):


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5 Replies

I started out collecting anything and everything as well, but have tried to be a lot more selective now. It's gonna be too expensive to complete some of these Dunny series based on the aftermarket prices for some of the harder to find pieces, I think I'll keep it to newer series stuff :)

over 8 years ago · Comment ·


statusquo I've severely limited 3" dunny purchasing, I don't think small items look good on display. I like the dunnies I have, but I'm pretty selective in what I keep/purchase. Also, there are so many of them and like you say, some are pricey. over 8 years ago


Easily_Amused @Statusquo How were you displaying the 3" dunny? I've seen wall cases with shelving with the appropriate hieght ( that look pretty good. over 8 years ago


statusquo I use plastic 3 tier risers from without the plastic lids on them. Also use acrylic or plastic base that can fit one or two on them. It looks too cluttered for me, compared to larger 5" and above stuff on a shelf. Probably a matter of opinion/preference though. over 8 years ago


Easily_Amused Hmmm... I don't like the cluttered look either. Do you ever find yourself setting up scenes with them? over 8 years ago


statusquo it's funny you say that, I have a Huck Gold Life Samurai Hicks army that is positioned to fight a Huck Zombie Horde. I also have a 64colors nature spirit army with the 8" leading them. I also have an army of clutter pirates on a ship. I do change things up a bit and create new stuff, helps keep it interesting and look less cluttered I think. over 8 years ago


Easily_Amused You need to share some pics! over 8 years ago


statusquo I'll have some pictures soon, I'm renovating the family room where my collection was stored, right now it is spread around the house, when I get it all back together, I'll take photos and will definitely post here. Do you have some pics of your collection? over 8 years ago


Easily_Amused We had an earthquake here in VA last year, and I've been trying to get my place fixed since. Everything I own is either in storage or in the process of going in storage. I'm about ready to kill me some contractors (I finally won the battle with the insurancce companies). But, when I finally get everything done. I will take pics and share. over 8 years ago


statusquo Insurance companies are the worst. We went on vacation to Florida for 13 days, came back to a flooded kitchen/basement from a very tiny crack in the kitchen sink shut off valve. Took 28 phone calls and lots of arguing to get the work paid for. I feel your pain. Looking forward to see your collection though. over 8 years ago


HoodedGrub m We dont really have Earthquakes or Tornado's this part of the world, so can only imagine what you okes go through. Should post some before and after pics... over 8 years ago


Easily_Amused This was the first East coast earthquake we've had in recent history. It caught everyone by surprise. The damage I suffered is mostly hair line cracks in the walls and ceiling, and all of the glass got cracked out around the frames letting in rain and losing it seal. Pictures of the boefore wouldn't be that interesting. over 8 years ago

I am definitely a completist.  It's crazy, how much time I spend trying to track things down to complete a set, series or colorways.  However, I realize I'm a completist, so I try to keep my collection to a minimum because of it.  I started off collecting anything and everything, and I've paired things down over the years to just my favorite stuff.  

over 8 years ago · Comment ·


vihkter what pieces have you a complete series of, or are trying to? over 8 years ago

I'm just starting up myself, and would love to be a completist for the 3A toys...alas, looking at how many are out there already it will probably never happen :(

However, I am doing a pretty good job of hunting down the Ron English pieces and I plan to be a completist there! If I can't get all colorways I will at least get one of each piece. I'm trying to get one of each of the Kozik Ultraviolence line (He makes way too many colorways at too high a price point to get them all). Then there is Ajee's work. Her Kosplay and SkullSkin are just amazing! I really think I will get all of the colorways for them (minus  one offs).

over 8 years ago · Comment ·


vihkter don't even try to be a completist for 3A toys... it's almost impossible unless you have unlimited funds, and there is not end of the series as they keep on coming up with variants, etc. over 8 years ago


Easily_Amused That's exactly why I was lamenting the fact. over 8 years ago

I have the same philosophy. I know I'm a completionist so I limit (as much as possible) to what I collect, especially when it comes to sizes:

6" Squadts

8" Skelves

4" Stingy Jacks

8" Dunnys



almost 7 years ago · Comment ·

Currently, I am trying to complete Joe Ledbetter's Chinese Zodiac. So far, about halfway there. :)

over 8 years ago · Comment ·

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