Everything is for sale

Everything we have, we are willing to sell.  We have more than is marked on my account so far.  We will continue to add more items to my HAVE/DEAL list as we have time.  If you are interested in anything, you can email us for pictures of our specific item and prices.

The Black Rose Gallery



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8 Replies

I have added about 20 more items, including a Half Dead Buddy SIGNED BY MARKA27.  I will continue to add more tomorrow night.  (I still have 2 grocery bags full of blind box stuff)

about 7 years ago · Comment ·


nictok will u be setting up a site for sales or strictly on trampt? about 7 years ago


theblackrosegallery Right now, we are mainly using this site. Hope to get our own site up soon. about 7 years ago


theblackrosegallery We are also still not finished adding things to our "sell" pile. :) about 7 years ago


nictok That's great will look forward to it :) about 7 years ago

Sent you a couple items I'm interested in via email

about 7 years ago · Comment ·


christopherswalls Good luck on the sale! about 7 years ago

Interested in the Goin piece

about 7 years ago · Comment ·

Emailed about the Birro AP. Why are you selling it all?? 

about 7 years ago · Comment ·


theblackrosegallery My husband started collecting toys and art about 30 years ago. We are running out of room! We have WAY more than I am showing here. I am only putting things on this site that he is willing to part with in order to get new stuff. :) about 7 years ago


thankyou m Wow, sounds awesome. Even if you are not willing to sell some, at least add some of the stuff you own to your "have" collection! I would love to see your collection! about 7 years ago

Hi there, I am interested in your Koralie (Fatale) and the 8" Mahakala if you still have them for sale.

over 6 years ago · Comment ·


thankyou m Might want to email them. This post is sort of old. over 6 years ago


theblackrosegallery Shoot me an email to apoznick@yahoo.com over 6 years ago

Hi sent a email with a couple of items I'm interested in 

almost 7 years ago · Comment ·

I know this is an old thread but is there anything still available?

about 3 years ago · Comment ·

are there still some available?

greetz andrew

almost 4 years ago · Comment ·

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