3A Severed Leg

Greetings and salutations, all. the 3A forum scares the pants off of me and trying to nail down one of their releases is horrid, but I'm a glutton for punishment so I have to ask:

Does anyone know if this piece will put into production?

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2 Replies

There was a handful produced for and sold at Hong Kong Re-Venture last month. No word if it will be sold as a wider release.

almost 8 years ago · Comment ·


Easily_Amused Thanks! I wonder what they went for? almost 8 years ago


jajaka I believe price was $500. almost 8 years ago


itsa_mia m not bad, thought they would go for more seeing as there were so few and gallery material almost 8 years ago


masao626 thank you so much for the info, jajaka! in my opinion, the price is a steal! almost 8 years ago


Easily_Amused I agree! You can never have too many severed manikin legs. almost 8 years ago

Sweet! Where on Earth did you find it at?


almost 8 years ago · Comment ·


masao626 i came across it randomly on a blog (i believe) and have been stalking it ever since :) almost 8 years ago


Easily_Amused LOL! I'm joining the hunting party. It looks awesome. I'd guess to ask Andy over at ToysREvil. He follows 3A a lot. almost 8 years ago

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