The fine line....

Can anyone describe to me where the fine line actually falls between 'designer toys' & just toys? I've been mostly offline for the last few weeks and today I had a look at the recent entries, (what follows is 100% just my personal opinion) Mighty Muggs? these are something im not really understanding as an art toy / designer toy, more what my grandmother might see as an art toy & buy me in her old age confusion. They are liscenced products & I honestly would rather see the original kenner SW toys be entered than these (though i dont see them as designer toys either, just less offensive to me)

Right, slight grumble / rant over.

guess i've been away too long from the interweb! nice to be back :D


ps. can I get a convo tag for 'Rant / complain' so people can avoid ;)

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5 Replies

My belief is that anyone who is passionate about art -- and that is probably everyone on this website -- is going to be offended (or at least put off) by some platform on this site... if not several. I think this is healthy and normal. I have found myself looking at more than a few items on the site and thinking "really? someone wanted *this* here?", but ultimately, this site isn't a representation of *my* art collection or art tastes, it is a reflection of the entire community. That is the best and worst thing about a community-driven wiki. The worst is that at times you will see things you really don't appreciate and wish were not there, and the best aspect is you will hopefully discover a bunch of pieces and artists you have never heard of before and it will help expand your horizons. Just my 2 cents.

about 10 years ago · Comment ·


brannflakes v "My belief is that anyone who is passionate about art " I believe that to... but even that has a fine line. I've seen some pretty stuff... Like a bunny head sewn onto a lion body, $1 plushes from the dollar store, swap heads, they sell for like $60 bucks.
I'm like U WUT M8!!? it's madness! about 10 years ago


Easily_Amused LOL! brannflakes, do you have a link to this? Sounds so funny. about 10 years ago


Easily_Amused LOL! brannflakes how did you even find those? You're killing me. I have a simple rule, if I can (and being honest with myself here) make it and am so moved to have said item, i'd rather make it myself. about 10 years ago

Hey Mister-Quiche ... the reason I left those is not because they're a necessarity a designer toy, but because they're an available DIY platform and a lot of artists use this platform to customize. There are currently 79 Mighty Muggs customs in the site and I know there are many more. 

It falls into the exact same trap as Be@rbricks. For every amazing Be@rick designed by artists, there are 3 that just have a company logo on them, but I think we should still include any/all Be@rbrick because of the platform.

It's definitely a slippery slope, but I think because of how widely used the Mighty Muggs platform is by customizers it makes sense to include the production versions.

about 10 years ago · Comment ·


Mister-Quiche m i picked mighty muggs as an example, and i do 100% agree as to them being here, i just don't personally view them as designer toys per se. im cranky at being back to work too! about 10 years ago


crazylikeafox11 m Keegan, are unreleased prototypes allowed? Just curious b/c some of those mighty muggs entered have never seen the light of day. I know every now again some of those pop up in a hardcore collector's collection, but they're very few and far between. I think Ironhide was the only prototype I know of that actually found its way into a collector's hands. about 10 years ago


keegan a I don't know ... I know there are a couple other 'prototypes' like a Giant Snorse one and the Opera Mask that was just entered. Do you have any thoughts? about 10 years ago


crazylikeafox11 m No, that's why I asked you. For now, I just grouped them all in a "prototype" wave. I'm actually the person that entered all the muggs on rotocasted (through SDCC '11) so I'm digging through my ancient email to update info here. There's so many waves of various mighty muggs (which is part of the reason why I hadn't entered them before). about 10 years ago


keegan a I know there is a wikipedia page that actually breaks down the waves ... didn't have time to go back trough and straighten them out yet about 10 years ago


crazylikeafox11 m Yeah, and there's also a visual guide too. I'm working through it. =) about 10 years ago

Welcome back!
The fine line is pretty obvi for me... just my personel fine line I guess. 
There is crap, and not crap. Then sometimes I find diamonds in the rough.


about 10 years ago · Comment ·


Easily_Amused I find I collect 95% art, and 5% toy. about 10 years ago

Thanks to whoever added the Tag :)

for me though this wasn't really feedback fo trampt, i agree that items like this should be here & in no way was I looking to have them removed, I did however want to start people thinking & talking about where the fine line between art & toys falls for them.

about 10 years ago · Comment ·

Good to see you again Mister-Quiche! I agree with you about them not being art toys along with some other platforms on the site, but what can you do? I find it makes it fun when you  look through others collections and wants. Gives insight into what drains their pockets. Eye of the beholder and shit...

about 10 years ago · Comment ·


Easily_Amused LOL! Besides, the "This is Fucking Sweet" Button, we should have a this is not an Art Toy button and a This is art Button. Be able to get a real community opinion. Or a this sucks button? about 10 years ago


Mister-Quiche m ha, thats an ace idea!!! good to be back too :) about 10 years ago


Easily_Amused LOL! Even better, we can have an automatic ratings system that counts your entire collection and analyses how many members own the same thing and how many members have rated it cool versus suck, tallys the entire collection and you can find out if you rate as an art collection or not. about 10 years ago

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