Dunny Captain Sturnbrau Customized Toy

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Zombie Captain Sturnbrau custom

Production Details

  • Release Date: March 19, 2014
  • Edition Size: 1
  • Materials: Vinyl, Sculpey, Acrylics
  • Dimensions: 3.0"
  • Exclusive Release: Commission
  • Ratio:

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  • 2 Replies

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2 Replies

KR should do another 2 Tone series...perhaps have a cool pirate related theme and then throw this captain into production!

Cases would sell like hot cakes!!!

over 5 years ago · Comment ·


RumAndBones I love the 2Tone series... It's one of the few I've cared about completing. I'd be all for another. over 5 years ago


MindoftheMasons v It seems that is a very strong consensus from the majority of collectors out there. Understandable too with the line up that one had and the Dunnys in it. I mean, the Chuckboy is still a sought after piece...for customs or collections, Huck's Skullhead too! McBess, Doktor A and Woebots. One of my favored series releases. over 5 years ago


MindoftheMasons v It would be amazing to see another...perhaps not a pirate theme, though I think it would be sweet if they did one. JPK and his Sturnbrau concept would be a HUGE success! over 5 years ago


RumAndBones Agreed. Like most... I'm only missing the black Baseman figure. I'll get my hands on it someday. JPK would own a 2Tone series piece. over 5 years ago


RumAndBones And don't get me started on that Chuckboy... hahaha... over 5 years ago


MindoftheMasons v Haha, oh I know of your collection! Quite impressive. I finally got a Chuckboy for a commission, first one too. Definitely a fun piece for an artist to get their hands on. Out of any Dunny design, I'm favoring the Heavy Trooper right now. I think it compliments my style for bots. over 5 years ago


MindoftheMasons v JPK would for sure kill that series. Would be awesome if he was the center point...have a chase in the series too. I say this mainly because he's one of my favorite artists in the game too lol. over 5 years ago


MindoftheMasons v You know, another artist that would do quite well in this second 2Tone series???..... OTTO BJORNIK! Lol, if this Dunny coming out today isn't a testament to that claim, plenty of other great customs out there to support the claim. over 5 years ago


nictok JPK should get back to doing production toys more :) over 5 years ago


MindoftheMasons v More like KR should get back to hitting him up for more production toys ;) over 5 years ago


keegan a Talked to JPK about it and apparently KR didn't really know about him when they first created the series and by the time he started showing up on the boards the figures were already in production. Remember it takes a LONG-ASS time to get a production series out. :) about 5 years ago


MindoftheMasons v Lol funny how timelines overlap like that. I by no means am thinking it would be a quick process, just think stuff like this at times is lost to the big companies radar. This would be a crazy production piece. The concept of having a pirate themed Dunny series or another 2Tone series...I think all would be successful! about 5 years ago

would love to have this :)

over 5 years ago · Comment ·

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