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For the Love of Art winner ... is ... RsinArtCongrats to Rsin Art ... as always we're blown away

Of all the work to flow through the site over the last few months, there are a variety of artists that standout, but none as much as Rsin. We first met at NYCC last year, and when he introduced himself I had no idea who he was because I assumed Rsin was pronounced 'Resin'. So there was this really long, awkward pause until I realized that 'Arson' was in fact Rsin. Sorry for the silly side story, but I've heard other people pronounce his name wrong and I wanted to make sure everyone knows how it's said before I spend a bunch of time explaining how awesome he is.... [ read more ]

  • Posted: almost 9 years ago
  • Categories: Hype

Trampt's official Follow Friday artistsFeatured Artists: Brutherford, ValleyDweller, Patricio Oliver & Scribe

Welcome to this weeks 'Official' Trampt #FollowFriday post with four great artists to follow. Each week we pick some artists we like who also happen to have some stuff going on this week that we think you should know about. Whether it's a new release, upcoming show, or just some cool stuff they're recently made. Anyway, on to our featured artists... [ read more ]

  • Posted: almost 9 years ago
  • Categories: Hype

A new batch of Must Know Monday for you to digestFeatured Artists: Triclops, Southerndrawl, Teodoru Badiu & N.C. Winters

Another Monday at Trampt and another batch of artists that you must get to know. I should probably be less forward in my recommendations but I've entered thousands of items into this site and I know what I like. Plus I doubt any of these artists would disagree with me that they're awesome and you should check out their work. Anyway, on to our featured artists... [ read more ]

  • Posted: about 9 years ago
  • Categories: Hype

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