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The Momiji story began just over 6 years ago. Back in 2005 we created our first collection of 12 Momiji dolls…life before that date now seems to be a bit of a hazy memory and since then our days (and occasionally our nights) have become devoted to these little dolls.

Momiji HQ is a little office in Henley in Arden. It's a small village in Warwickshire, England, famous for its legendary ice cream. Maybe one day it will be famous for Momiji too. From our tiny office we’ve become truly global. We've got designers creating lovely stuff all over the place (United Kingdom, Austria, Malaysia, Australia, Chile, Thailand, Germany, Canada, Slovenia to name but a few...)

Momiji is inspired by friendship and little kindnesses. It's about filling life with memories and messages.

The dolls are never around for very long and we’re launching new ones all the time. We know a few people are having a go at collecting them all, which is quite a challenge! The dolls are broken down into little collections which make it easier to collect them in groups.

First of all, there are the core collections; this is where it all began. The Randoms dolls were our first ever collection. Currently there are 9 dolls in the set but many more have gone before and there will be plenty more to come.

Then, there are the Celebrations dolls. Designed for terrific times and party people; there are currently 6 dolls in the group. From time to time, we also have Momiji for occasions like Christmas and Valentines.

On top of the core collections we have our designer ranges. Our links with top art colleges mean that we work with the most creative new kids on the block. Working with our ever-growing band of artists allows us to take playful adventures in new directions. We love working on unique collaborations with contemporary artists from a variety of genres and backgrounds.

You'll find Momiji in wonderful retailers around the world, including art, design and gift shops, boutique toy stores, lifestyle and clothing stores, museums, comic, music and bookshops.

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