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Jerry and Bob met years ago while working for Humanoids Publishing in Los Angeles, CA.

At that time, Jerry Frissen was the COOL graphic design guy...the only dude with his very own corner office. Bob was just the marketing guy with a small desk in the main office area (that didn't even have Photoshop for CMYK files). Bob was able to impress Jerry by spouting his knowledge on comics OTHER than Superheroes (everyone in US comics just wants to work on Spider-man and Superman). Jerry started to think that Bob wasn't the corporate "suit" that he first made him out to be.

With time, Bob left Humanoids and convinced his new Employer that he could run their new Anime Magazine and DVD: AnimePlay. Jerry conviced Humanoids that he could write better comics than the other US workers that were trying to use Humanoids Comics as a way to prove to Marvel and DC that they could write Superheroes.

Bob convinced Jerry that he has what it takes to help out in designing both the AnimePlay DVD and Magazine. And, what do you know...Jerry and Bob realized that they actually liked working together!

After things with AnimePlay were slowing down, Bob and Jerry were fiending for something ELSE to work on. First they dabbled with the idea that they should do a comic publishing company (BAD IDEA). Then they thought they should do a pop culture blog (BAD IDEA). Then they thought they should do designer toys (GOOD IDEA?).

Jerry and Bill just had their first chapter of Luchadores5 published in Humanoids' Metal Hurlant Comic anthology (which Bob LOVED)...and Bob was CONVINCED that they MUST make Luchadores5 designer toys! Then Gobi (who also LOVED Luchadores5) started pestering Jerry with this great idea for a Lucha Libre character: a guy with a cactus mask! For some reason Gobi didn't make the connection between a cactus mask and Tequila. Jerry did, though, and Gobi thought Jerry was genius (or at least kind of smart). Gobi started drawing some AMAZING sketches of the newly named "Tequila". Bob saw a pic of Tequila with a poncho and DEMANDED that the first figure they make have a removable poncho.

Was this Bob's way of being able to dress his toys WITHOUT feeling like a girly-girl? Who knows...but at least it resulted in a gorgeous figure and the creation of MUTTPOP.

And that weird name, Muttpop? Where did that come from?

Three things. Bob is Hapa (a mutt, mixed race dude). Jerry's a cultural "mutt" being a Belgian who's obsessed with American sub-culture (and who now lives in LA). All the ideas Jerry and Bob had for a business venture dealt with mixing a variety of pop cultures to create something new and exciting. So "Muttpop": creating something new with a mix of "pop"!

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