Artists are creating 'For the Love of Art' & We Want To Thank ThemArtist only giveaway - $500, free advertising & more

  • Posted on: July 02, 2012 @ 11:15AM
  • Published in: Hype

The idea behind 'For the Love of Art' came to us through talking to artists over the past year, and learning how much hard work they put into their passion without seeing much financial return. Most artists are working full-time jobs and staying up all hours of the night to work on a piece for a show, commission, or just because they feel compelled to create. We wanted a way to reward that passion.

WINNER UPDATE: Big congrats to Rsinart for winning this giveaway. The man is a workhorse constantly working and improving his craft every single day and night. More about Rsin and the giveaway wrap here.

'For the Love of Art' giveaway details

We spent a bit of time trying to figure out what would be a nice combination of things to give away, and at the same time connect with some stores & manufacturers to help us give back to the artists. The giveaway will be made up of three pieces:

The Customizer Dream Package is an evolving list of items donated by a variety of artists, stores & manufacturers over the next 100 days. If you'd like to help us out with some toys, markers, paints, or whatever just reach out to us.

So how do I win this thing?

There won't be a quantitative way of measuring a winner for this giveaway since a lot of it will be measured by the work you're producing outside of Trampt. Along with those intangibles we have some other specific tasks that will go into our decision including posting/updating your work in the library, talking about upcoming projects, sharing sneak peeks, sharing news with us, and engage with members through Conversations. The decision for the winner will come down to Trampt moderators, along with a few outside people I will ask in June to help us make the final decision.

We'd love to hear your feedback

While we've given away a bunch of stuff randomly in the past, this is our first really big push to promote Trampt and we're hoping we created a fun way to do it. Of course, if you have any feedback we'd love to hear it below.

  • Artists_are_creating_for_the_love_of_art__we_want_to_thank_them-artist_only_giveaway_-_500_free_adve-trampt-512t
  • Artists_are_creating_for_the_love_of_art__we_want_to_thank_them-artist_only_giveaway_-_500_free_adve-trampt-513t
  • Artists_are_creating_for_the_love_of_art__we_want_to_thank_them-artist_only_giveaway_-_500_free_adve-trampt-540t
  • Artists_are_creating_for_the_love_of_art__we_want_to_thank_them-artist_only_giveaway_-_500_free_adve-trampt-595t
  • Artists_are_creating_for_the_love_of_art__we_want_to_thank_them-artist_only_giveaway_-_500_free_adve-trampt-509t
  • Artists_are_creating_for_the_love_of_art__we_want_to_thank_them-artist_only_giveaway_-_500_free_adve-trampt-510t
  • Artists_are_creating_for_the_love_of_art__we_want_to_thank_them-artist_only_giveaway_-_500_free_adve-trampt-511t
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13 Replies

This is pretty awesome of you guys.  Not sure something like this has been done before.  As artist we do work extremely hard for little pay off most of the time, but we do it cause we love it.  Nice to see you guys giving back!



  • Artist

over 7 years ago · Comment ·

This is very interesting, I know many of us have made a lot of sacrfices forwhat we do, and wouldn't have it any other way. I almost look at this as a "grant" for a hard working toy artist rather than a prize. lol 

I just recently started using the site, and I think you guys really have a unqiue deal going here, glad to be a part! Thanks for making us feel special! 

over 7 years ago · Comment ·


keegan a you're right ... maybe an artist grant is a better term. :) over 7 years ago

Doing this as my day job does prove to be a struggle sometimes but I wouldn't change it for anything! This is a great idea from the Trampt team :)



  • Artist

over 7 years ago · Comment ·

This is great to see you guys doing this. People need all the help they can get now days



  • Artist

over 7 years ago · Comment ·


keegan a Thanks man ... all you have to do is keep making awesome stuff and tell us and everyone else about it. Seemed pretty easy. Also, we've already got some awesome donations for our prize pool :) over 7 years ago

Incredibly kind hearted initiative, team Trampt well done.  



  • Artist

over 7 years ago · Comment ·

Thanks for recognizing our struggle as artists. This is more important to most of us than any prize. You rule!


Gregory Lee

  • Artist

over 7 years ago · Comment ·


webecomemonsters v I agree man! Knowing people know there is a struggle helps. over 7 years ago

This is incredible! I'm sure whoever gets this will put the proceeds to the best use. I've only recently gone out on my own, and am experiencing first-hand the late nights and personal funding involved - but damn it's worth it just to do what you love and are passionate about: ART.

Well done for doing this, and enjoy picking the winner! :3



  • Artist

over 7 years ago · Comment ·

That's a very thoughtful gesture chaps!

over 7 years ago · Comment ·

This is really cool of you! As a collector who doesn't really know what goes into the creation of these pieces, I look forward to reading the artists perspective and learning.

over 7 years ago · Comment ·

This is such a great offer of help. i Love the site guys.

over 7 years ago · Comment ·

Seriously ... if you guys have any questions about this please ask them here and I will do my best to answer them. We just hope in the end this is a fun promotion. :)

over 7 years ago · Comment ·


TheGiven v So us artists types, just gotta keeping doing what we do to stand a chance to win? over 7 years ago


keegan a Just keep making stuff and post about it here so we know what you're doing and then we'll pick a winner. You don't have to make anything special for us ... just use the site. :) over 7 years ago

Update on the prize package ... remember artists keep updating us of your work and chat around on Trampt to win this thing. :)

over 7 years ago · Comment ·

cool beans!


almost 7 years ago · Comment ·




ELJEFE313 It is just another dumb term from the 60's and 70's that has kinda made a comeback. Instead of just saying thats say cool beans!....It also was a slang term for pills of ecstasy... over 6 years ago


mikashroom m Okay, thanks. over 6 years ago

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