Super limited run of Trampt shirts & hats now onlineWe like making stuff and we hope you like buying it

  • Posted on: October 18, 2012 @ 9:00AM
  • Published in: Hype

My wife aka (Short Army) and I were playing around with this concept a while back of 'It's Not a Toy' when talking to friends about why exactly we have soooooo many toys on our shelves. She she doodled up some concepts and produced what is now some stickers and our new Glow-in-the-dark tshirt. We designed these pretty much for fun, and we probably won't do another run so you better act quick if you want one of these less than 50 available shirts.

The hats were produced so we could promote Trampt as we went to events, and because who doesn't want their own hat. Then we thought it might be fun to produce some hats for other fans of Trampt, and also provide a special colorway limited only to artists on Trampt. I have to see it was awesome seeing them being rocked by a variety of people at NYCC, DTA and show openings last weekend. Would be awesome at the DCon or SDCC '13 to have a swarm of Trampt hats like when all the poker players wear their favorite brand of hat.

So go check out my wife's site at and you can order up a hat, shirt or both. If you order both use the code 'tramptlove' at checkout and receive $10 off. Thanks again for all the support and you'll be seeing me rock my orange Trampt hat at DCon in two weeks.

  • Super_limited_run_of_trampt_shirts__hats_now_online-we_like_making_stuff_and_we_hope_you_like_buying-trampt-1410t
  • Super_limited_run_of_trampt_shirts__hats_now_online-we_like_making_stuff_and_we_hope_you_like_buying-trampt-1411t
  • Super_limited_run_of_trampt_shirts__hats_now_online-we_like_making_stuff_and_we_hope_you_like_buying-trampt-1412t
  • Super_limited_run_of_trampt_shirts__hats_now_online-we_like_making_stuff_and_we_hope_you_like_buying-trampt-1413t
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4 Replies

Love the T-Shirt design, perfect for the customizers in the scene :D

almost 7 years ago · Comment ·


keegan a I really love walking into the studio at night and seeing the pile glow. almost 7 years ago

LOVE the shirt. I would totally buy a hat too, but snap-backs are my enemy.



  • Artist

almost 7 years ago · Comment ·


keegan a This is such a small scale the managing an inventory of fitted hats was too much to manage. We don't really want to be a clothing retailer. This was just for fun. :) almost 7 years ago


UNCLE v Oh, I don't blame you for that. One size is far easier to manage. One question though, what blank is used on the shirts? almost 7 years ago


keegan a I assume you mean what brand and not what blank? They are canvas brand shirts. almost 7 years ago

Ordered me a shirt. Customs will nail me when it lands due to clothing getting hit with big import duties, but what the hell :)

almost 7 years ago · Comment ·


blake a thanks for the support! almost 7 years ago


HoodedGrub m No problemo :) almost 7 years ago

Hi, Today I got them, thanks much !! 



  • Artist

almost 7 years ago · Comment ·

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