Shadowfriend by Weobots (Aaron Martin)New 8" Dunny Release from Kidrobot on 12.6

  • Posted on: November 16, 2012 @ 3:44PM
  • Published in: New Releases

This guy has been on the site for a while, and we got confirmation back then from Woebots that this was in fact an official Kidrobot release. Now we have all the details today, 'Shadowfriend' is an 8" Dunny limited to 1250 for $75 and will be available December 6th at Kidrobot & select retailers. The design is a slightly darker version of his 2Tone series, including the same speared fish accessory, and I have to say I'm really digging the pink highlights. The 1250 edition size make me wonder if 1/5 will be a chase ... I guess we'll see on the 6th.

from Kidrobot:
Shadow Friend is the perfect playmate. He follows you wherever you go, playing right along. As a backwards twin to the original Woes design by Angry Woebots, Shadow Friend takes all of the gushy, “I heart you” feelings associated with mammoth cuddle monsters, and replaces them with an awkward nervous fear.

Inspired by his 3-inch 2Tone Dunny, this is a darker version of his iconic stressed out giant panda. Showing off its latest catch of speared fish, the 8-inch Shadow Friend Dunny intimidates with hot pink beady eyes and a one-fanged snarl. Representing the number of Giant Pandas left in the wild, 1000 Deep is printed on the back of Dunny’s head, and black skull printed on its chest, a symbol of the species struggle to stay alive. Like their fuzzy counterparts, Shadow Friend Dunnys have limited numbers – only 1250 are available. December 6 you can see them in their natural habitat at Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers. Shadow Friend retails for $75 US (£60 UK, €69.60 EU).

  • Shadowfriend_by_weobots_aaron_martin-new_8_dunny_release_from_kidrobot_on_126-trampt-1703t
  • Shadowfriend_by_weobots_aaron_martin-new_8_dunny_release_from_kidrobot_on_126-trampt-1704t
  • Shadowfriend_by_weobots_aaron_martin-new_8_dunny_release_from_kidrobot_on_126-trampt-1705t
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3 Replies

I really like it. I mean, panda+pink, that's a great combination =P.

over 11 years ago · Comment ·


Merlin Yea im digging as well. I like all his work but this one is special especially when he is spreading the word about Panda's over 11 years ago

I love Woes style! This will be my first 8" dunny.

over 11 years ago · Comment ·


Merlin Its a great start for your first 8" i think this one is pretty cool over 11 years ago

Sup everyone cant wait for this to drop,  Kinda sucks ther eis no NYC signing, but we'll live lol. What do you guys think about this piece?

over 11 years ago · Comment ·


keegan a My wife definitely wants it ... so I'll try and grab it for her. I think I'm finally getting a bit burned out on 8" Dunnys. Really starting to diversify my collection by artists and platforms. over 11 years ago


Merlin I went the opposite way lol. Im only gonna collect 8"ers, customs and teddy troops, Gid doodles from all artists and some 3" dunnys that attract me. No more cases lol over 11 years ago


kvnjjwong Yes no more cases! over 11 years ago


keegan a yeah, bought a case of Apocalypse but at the end of the day while I still liked most of the designs I only have 3 displayed. :/ over 11 years ago


kvnjjwong what i've started to do is buy open boxes only. pay a little more for what i like but in the longrun i save $. BTW...i got the Shadow Friend for 20% off :) so happy. over 11 years ago


Merlin i was also able to pick this awesome dunny up its great and the QC is spot on really digging this. over 11 years ago

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