Dunny Apocalypse release officially revealedSeries drops from Kidrobot & Select Retailers on 11.8

  • Posted on: October 26, 2012 @ 11:53AM
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Thanks in part to spankystokes.com and the wonderful flippers on eBay it should come as no surprise that this series is being released. Most of you have seen all the designs in the Dunny Apocalypse series from Kidrobot. What nobody had until now is the release date, and it seems like these guys are set to drop November 8th at Kidrobot stores, kidrobot.com, and select retailers for $9.95 US (£7.90 UK, €9.20 EU). The last case I bought was Huck's Gold Life Series, and judging by all the great designs in this series I'll have to buy yet another case of Dunnys.

from Kidrobot:
Dunny celebrates the end of the world with a group of artists so badass, you’ll wish every year prophesized mass destruction. Angels of death, soapbox protestors, Mayan feathered serpents, toxic meltdowns – so many versions of Doomsday, how do you choose just one way to go?

The Apocalypse Dunny Series features 15 Judgment Day designs by 12 masters of their craft – from fine artists and illustrators, customizers and toy titans – this series is cataclysmic. The collection includes designs by Jon-Paul Kaiser, Mishka, Jermaine Rogers, Jesse Hernandez, Sam Fout, Joe Ledbetter, Ron English, Huck Gee, Patricio Oliver (PO!), Chris Ryniak, Hydro74, and Kronk.

An ode to the era when people still walked on Earth, you should line them up with the rations under your garage, because even canned sardines need friends. The end begins November 8 at Kidrobot stores, kidrobot.com, and select retailers. Each doomy Dunny retails for $9.95 US (£7.90 UK, €9.20 EU).

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  • Dunny_apocalypse_release_officially_revealed-series_drops_from_kidrobot__select_retailers_on_118-trampt-1552t
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4 Replies

I can't wait to get my hands on these. finally a series worth buying

about 7 years ago · Comment ·


GrimmShepard v I know, first time in so long I want every dunny in the series equally... I mean of course the Ryniak Ledbetter and Gee ones are awesome... but I really love them all! about 7 years ago


kvnjjwong I totally agree. besides 2010 and the Huck Gee Gold Life Series. I've been waiting for a good series. about 7 years ago

Ordered 2 cases today... now i play the waiting game...

about 7 years ago · Comment ·


kvnjjwong its kind of sad how much i have to pay for these here in canada about 7 years ago


keegan a yeah, after shipping things internationally it's insane how much you non-us peeps pay for things. about 7 years ago


kvnjjwong We use to have an awesome store here in Vancouver BC but it close 2 summers ago. The only way i get around it is shipping them to washington border and picking them up from there. Going price up here in stores is about $12 plus 12% tax about 7 years ago

Carson Catlin was able to pick up a case of these early at DCon and I was able to see them up close. Great set, he nearly got all of the figures and even pulled the Hydro74 variant color that's not in the library yet.

about 7 years ago · Comment ·

Personnaly : design really poor ( on examples ) and the quality is not here,  specially on the casey Jones/Jason dunny.....

I love the gladiator, from Who is it?

about 7 years ago · Comment ·


Taos v Huck about 7 years ago


HoodedGrub m The White Gladiator looking Dunny is Jon-Paul Kaiser about 7 years ago


keegan a gotta disagree ... love nearly every design in this series. Second only to Gold Life. about 7 years ago


kvnjjwong i agree with keegan about 7 years ago

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