Conversation & Reply Etiquette

There are some general guidelines below, but most importantly, please be respectful of other users and make thoughtful posts.


  • Use proper grammar & spelling - We're not grammar nazis by any means. However, we'd prefer to see replies like 'I like this piece, but the price is somewhat high for me'  versus 'shit is CRaZY $$$$ 4 ME'.
  • Post constructive criticism - Most artists enjoy getting feedback on their work. Talk about why you like or dislike something, the colors, the sculpt, etc. While replying 'Awesome' is nice, posting about something more specific will help foster deeper conversation and help the artist.
  • Use voting to enrich conversations - If you think a reply contributes to the conversation please upvote. Please don't downvote if you disagree, downvoting helps keep conversations on track and hide/remove spam or personal attacks. Also a downvote costs you a reputation point, though if the reply is removed then you get them back.
  • Use premanent links - If linking to another site, please make sure you link directly to a specific post so it will be relevant at a later time.
  • Use an asterix '*' and reason when editing - Please state a reason for editing your replies! The timestamp will say it has been edited, but stating the reason will help avoid confusion after other members have replied or commented.
  • Tag portfolios (artists, platforms, etc) - When you talk about an artist, manufacturer or any other portfolio, please tag them accordingly. This not only helps organize content, but it notifies verified portfolios that you are talking about them and will hopefully engage them in the conversation.
  • Use conversation tags appropriately - Tagging helps us organize content so users can quickly find the most relevant 'topics' like For Sale or WIP. Conversations tagged incorrectly will be edited by moderators.
  • Use specific dates - For example, 'Going to the show tomorrow (01/04/2012)'  will let someone know when tomorrow actually was when they are reading your reply.

Please Don't

  • Engage in any illegal activity - Not really sure what this would be, but it seems like a good rule.
  • Be rude, harass users, or post personal information - People will disagree from time to time but please be respectful. Hateful speech can get you suspended or banned, along with harassing users or posting private information like phone numbers or physical addresses. If you have a problem with a user, like being scammed, flag them or contact an admin.
  • Make comments that lack substance - If you like or dislike something, please refrain from posting a reply of 'this', 'awesome', 'hate it', etc. If you agree with another member's reply, use the Upvote and if you want to say why you agree, simply comment on their reply.
  • Hide or mask URL's - Everyone wants to know where a link is going to take them. It feels less 'spammy' and reduces the chance for being hijacked.
  • Submit images without proper attribution - You can post images directly in conversations or replies. If you do, please make a note of where you grabbed the image if it isn't your own.
  • Type in ALL CAPS - If you would like to put emphasis on a word or two, you can use the bold option or all caps in a comment, but please use sparingly.

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