Battle Damaged Keiko Trooper by Alan NgMinty Fresh Exclusive on sale Feb. 1st

Minty Fresh has released a string of successful exclusives over the last few months and this 'Battle Damaged Keiko Trooper' by Alan Ng will probably be no different. This will be the fourth Star Wars themed toy from Fools Paradise, and... [ read more ]


My 10 favorite purchases of 2012My first year into the realm of buying customs

2012 will be over in a few short hours, and after being inspired by the TOYSREVIL post of Andy's top 10 purchases of 2012 I decided to write my own list. This is the first year that I actually purcased a custom toy, in fact... [ read more ]

  • Posted: over 7 years ago
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The Illusion of Depressing Love by Fools Paradise & ZCWOOn pre-sale now over at Fools Paradise

A few weeks ago my Keikotrooper arrived, and it's one of the most beautiful hand-crafted pieces in my entire collection. The quality of this piece is unparalleled with  anything I've seen in person, and my only regret about this Keiko figure is... [ read more ]


Nudity + Star Wars + Fool's Paradise = MUST HAVEKeikotrooper from Fool's Paradise dropping 7/4

There have been plenty of hints and peeks of the latest Sexy Keiko figure on the Fools Paradise facebook page. Looks like they finally announced a pre-order date for this ridiculously nerdy, sexy & must have figure. The Keikotrooper will drop on 7/4 on at, with no word on price but if it's in keeping with the other Keiko releases it should be around $180 with worldwide shipping. I've nearly purchased several Fools Paradise figures, but I will have to pull the trigger on this one. Happy hunting everyone.... [ read more ]

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