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dakflame User

currently procractinating

Gary_Rozanski User

I'm co-founder of UK-based Designer Toy Blog - The Toy Chronicle ( Bearded Yorkshire kid that may spoil popular TV shows #pubpoker #redsox #lufc #vinyladdict #kid...

mikashroom User

Always looking for Chauskoskis and Kronk stuff

roktgrl User

stoopid,silly,crazy about Vinyl toys...I blame it all on my friend Jason..(Red Hot Robot)... Just to think it all started with TooFly....

HarlemSörensen User

I just love Trampt. I found their sticker "This is not a toy" during designercon.

BigToyPoo User

Find my collection on instagram (Bigtoypoo) Co-Founder of The Toy Chronicle

broth6 User

Graduate of George Mason University. Also collect Hank Greenberg baseball cards, recently getting into collecting vinyl.

mileszustand User

toy enthusiast my collection:

Rudy User

Lets see, its been about 18 years since high school when i used to draw. Been a comic and action figure collector ever since. I found a website called kidrobot, maybe you heard of it, and fell in l...

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