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Conjuring Mischief

We’re incredibly excited to celebrate the 3-year anniversary of our gallery, Stranger Factory. And what better way to celebrate than with Conjuring Mischief, a platform show for our mascot the Skelve! We’ve invited some of our friends and fellow artists to participate, and the roster for the show features some incredible talent.


Posthumous Menagerie


Circus Annual

In keeping the tradition of last year’s Winter Salon, Circus Annual will showcase new works from CP artists and friends at affordable prices just in time for the holidays. This year’s exhibition will feature art from Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Chris Ryniak, Amanda Louise Spayd, Valency Genis, RAGNAR, Phil Noto, Glenn Barr, DrilOne, Leecifer, Yohei Kaneko, and Shigeta Tanaka. Resin editions, custom toys, small originals, prints, apparel and the like will be available, so after all the art lovers are scratched from your list, you’ll still have enough for a little self indulgence. ;)



Two-person exhibit of Brandt Peters & Ferg.



Stranger Factory art space is proud to present “Bewitching” the first of an annual invitational group exhibition of new works in the theme and culture of vintage Halloween. The show will feature over 2 dozen local, national, and internationally recognized visual artists and designers. Featured artists include Sas and Colin Christian, Travis Lampe, Steve Lee, Emily Trovillion, Derek Yaniger, and Karen Peters. Artists were invited to find inspiration in the history of Halloween, including costuming and merchandise from a past long gone to the symbolism and icons of this fantastic hallowed holiday – black cats to witches, to the walking dead and pumpkin kings…


Sweet & Sorrow

Stranger Factory art space is proud to present “Sweet & Sorrow” a solo exhibition of new works by international fine artist and toy designer, Kathie Olivas. Sugary treats, dichotomous dreamlands, and the cute and corrupted all find their way into the brief calm before the rebellion featured in Kathie Olivas’s art. This series of toys, paintings and custom figures focus on imperfect characters that parallel a vision of post-apocalyptic conformity, uniquely documenting their own stories in a mysterious brave new world. The cast is inspired by early American portraiture that often depicted children as small adults in an idealized new land. They evoke a sense of temporality; childhood serves as a starting ground, a place where things begin. Children also personify “cuteness” as more of a representation of projected innocence. The comfort in this ideology comes into question when these sweet creatures have other ideas such as how to protect themselves or how would they be able to adapt if they chose to be independent. Once isolated in a war torn environment, they are forced to develop their own defense mechanisms. Their storylines focus on the ambiguity and fleeting moments surrounding the uprising. The unapologetic anti-heroes guide us through the mysterious lands questionably untouched by human destruction. A minimalist haze fogs what could be the illusion of this dreamland or what could possibly be the reality of destruction and decay after complete and utter annihilation. Their mutated limbs, empowered sidekicks, or improvised armor present a satirical look at how fear affects our sense of reality.



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Winter Sale 2010

  • Dates: Unknown | Unknown
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  • Dates: Unknown | Unknown
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