Mega Android Mega Giveaway for XMAS!Win One Green Mega Android straight from Andrew Bell

At the end of DCon last month, Andrew Bell just popped by our booth, dropped this Mega Android on my table and asked if I wanted it for a giveaway or something. Obviously I said yes, and now we're ready to get this into some lucky Android fanboy's hands ... hopefully right before Christmas.... [ read more ]

  • Posted: about 6 years ago
  • Categories: Hype

Android Series 4 is HereNow dropping at a Variety of Toy Shops

Andrew Bell has been slowly teasing out the upcoming Android Series 4 releases over the last week or so, and it looks like they're finally online. Featuring a great mix of artists, some from previous series and... [ read more ]


ComicDroid Series by Fuller DesignsAvailable exclusively at Vinyl Riot on April 27th

We're still quit a bit away from this exclusive drop by Vinyl Riot, but they've teamed up with Fuller Designs to create a series of Marvel themed Androids called 'ComicDroid'. Right now we only have the illustrations by Fuller as... [ read more ]


Dancing Lion Android by Andrew BellRing in the 2013 Chinese New Year with a new Android

Andrew Bell is dropping a new Holiday Release for his Mini Collectible Special Edition series of Androids. This was made for an exclusive Asian retail release, but there will be some available tomorrow Thursday, January 24th @ 11am EST in the Dead Zebra store for $10 + shipping.... [ read more ]


Frankie Frost by Scott Tolleson2012 Holiday Edition Android release next week

This guy popped up over on the G+ account of Andrew Bell, which I still don't honestly get but considering how much I hate Facebook it might be worth trying to do more over there. Sorry, I digress. This new design 'Frank Frost' by... [ read more ]


Feature Artists You Should Get to Know BetterFeatured Artists: Andrew Bell, Avatar666, Jayson Weidel, Brandi Milne

There is always more going on with the site and after a busy few weeks of traveling to NYCC and DCon we're trying to fall back into a routine. First on the list, as ever, is our weekly (more like bi-monthly, I know) Featured Artist segment.... [ read more ]

  • Posted: about 7 years ago
  • Categories: Hype

Teen Wolf homage Android from Andrew BellSpecial Halloween Android drop on 10.30

Andrew Bell just posted up a quick Halloween surprise for all you Android fans. After winning 'Best Licensed Product' at the DTA's a few weeks back, Andrew has surprised everyone with this 'Teen Wolf' inspired Halloween release. No word on price or edition size but... [ read more ]


No trophies for us at the DTA but someone on Trampt wonDTA Giveaway winner announced

So we were going to cover the event like one of those professional blogs, but a dead cell phone and a copious amount of drinks prevented that. Even though we didn't win spankystokes definitely deserved it with the amount of news he's been pushing out this year. My only beef with the category is to not call it 'Best Blog' next year ... so we might have a shot at winning. :) I also love that the person who has probably spent $2+ million on his art collection lost 'Best Collection' to someone that laid their collection out by color. Must take a more interested picture next year.... [ read more ]

  • Posted: about 7 years ago
  • Categories: Hype

Android Series 3 peek ... maybe 9 & 10?Androids from Andrew Bell & Google

That's right, two Android posts back to back. There was mention in yesterday's blog post by Andrew that there would be a Red Android from Google with a 2/16 ratio. However, thanks to some super sleuthing by various Trampt members we stumbled upon another design from Andrew Bell which appears to be a Barbarian of sorts called 'Sir Knightly Bild'. If you know my wife's company, then you'll know we really like Barbarians. No word on ratio for this guy, but it looks like we're almost done revealing all the designs for Series 3 so that info should be coming shortly.... [ read more ]


Android Series 3 peek part 08Professor Skully McRivethead by Huck Gee

Each day I add more Androids to the library for the upcoming Android Series 3 launch they just keep getting more and more badass. This one from Huck Gee with a name that would make Doktor A proud comes 'Professor Skully McRivethead'. On Andrew Bell's blog there isn't a mention of ratio for this figure like the others so I would assume at this point it's a ?:?? ratio. I don't think there is a figure that won't adapt to a Skullhead design.... [ read more ]

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