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Holy reticulated customs from Carson CatlinDCon Exclusive at Spankystokes Booth #301

It seems in the tiny window between NYCC and DCon 2012 that Carson Catlin has kept himself rather busy creating a variety of great customs that will be for sale at the Spankystokes booth #301. He's created a series of 10 'Black Rainbow'... [ read more ]


Android Series 3 peek part 06Cry-On by MAD

One of my favorite MAD*L designs from Phase 2 is now making a re-appearance for Android Series 3. The 'Cry-On' design by MAD (Jeremy Madl) actually looks a bit more like a spray-can on the Android than the MAD*L, but I think I'm still more partial to the MAD*L version. Maybe because I'm an iPhone user ... who knows? Good news is Andrew Bell should be releasing the drop dates later today.... [ read more ]


May the Commissions be with youSeries of Stormtrooper commissions by Stuart Witter

When you combine the amazing talents of Stuart Witter and a Star Wars obsessed collector you end up with an diverse but holistic series of customs ranging across a multitude of platforms. The request seemed to be simple, make me some Stormtroopers ... and Stu did just that. Customizing a Teddy Trooper, Fonzo, 10-Doh, Buff Monster, Android, Dude, and Mad*l. While being distinctly different each piece has the mark of Stu's ridiculously clean sculpting styles. Be sure to take a peak at Stu's site and follow him on twitter @stu_witter.... [ read more ]


For the Love of Art winner ... is ... RsinArtCongrats to Rsin Art ... as always we're blown away

Of all the work to flow through the site over the last few months, there are a variety of artists that standout, but none as much as Rsin. We first met at NYCC last year, and when he introduced himself I had no idea who he was because I assumed Rsin was pronounced 'Resin'. So there was this really long, awkward pause until I realized that 'Arson' was in fact Rsin. Sorry for the silly side story, but I've heard other people pronounce his name wrong and I wanted to make sure everyone knows how it's said before I spend a bunch of time explaining how awesome he is.... [ read more ]

  • Posted: over 9 years ago
  • Categories: Hype

Rsin Art bringing a haul to SDCC for the Dragatomi boothCustom 8" Dunny, MadL, Munnys & 3" Dunny Blindbox series

So Rsin posted up a photo of his custom blind box Dunny series that he's bringing to SDCC, but judging by the response he's getting on Facebook they might all be sold before they even get there. If you're interested in one of the 3" above I would definitely hit him up on his twitter account @rsinart. Besides the blindbox series, Rsin is bringing some heavy-hitting larger customs along to sell at the Dragatomi booth #4935. Including a Munny/Dunny hybrid 'Kescha', Dunny titled 'Arian', a Mad*L titled 'Opi' and a Munny titled 'Croix'.... [ read more ]


Operation: Reputation is King 5 ... each activity is an entryFollow @WSTworldwide & each rep earned is an entry for a GID Bacon by Sket-One

Welcome to Operation: Reputation is King 5 ... the seventh weekly giveaway for the 100 Day Hu$tle. Last week we rewarded a random member who earned reputation instead of just rewarding the member who has the most time to enter items into the site and we think it worked out pretty well. So this week it's more of the same, the more activities you do on the site that earn Reputation then the more entries you have into this weeks giveaway. This weeks prize is a 'GID Bacon' MadL by Sket-One donated by Wizard Sleeve Toys so in order to qualify for this giveaway you also have to give @WSTworldwide a follow on twitter. Even though we announced today we are counting all activity starting 12:01am 5/7 until the close at 11:59pm 5/13... [ read more ]

  • Posted: over 9 years ago
  • Categories: Hype

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