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Four new featured artists you should get to know betterFeatured Artists: Scott Tolleson, Josh Pearce, Dave Perillo, and Jason Limon

So after some code updates, and other goings on at Trampt we're going to get right back into the swing of things and we'll post up a bunch of news today starting with our much overdue Featured ... [ read more ]

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Android Series 3 peek ... maybe 9 & 10?Androids from Andrew Bell & Google

That's right, two Android posts back to back. There was mention in yesterday's blog post by Andrew that there would be a Red Android from Google with a 2/16 ratio. However, thanks to some super sleuthing by various Trampt members we stumbled upon another design from Andrew Bell which appears to be a Barbarian of sorts called 'Sir Knightly Bild'. If you know my wife's company, then you'll know we really like Barbarians. No word on ratio for this guy, but it looks like we're almost done revealing all the designs for Series 3 so that info should be coming shortly.... [ read more ]


Android Series 3 peek part 08Professor Skully McRivethead by Huck Gee

Each day I add more Androids to the library for the upcoming Android Series 3 launch they just keep getting more and more badass. This one from Huck Gee with a name that would make Doktor A proud comes 'Professor Skully McRivethead'. On Andrew Bell's blog there isn't a mention of ratio for this figure like the others so I would assume at this point it's a ?:?? ratio. I don't think there is a figure that won't adapt to a Skullhead design.... [ read more ]


Android Series 3 peek part 07 & release infoClear by Google

So this design from Google isn't much of a design per-say, but it will provide excellent fodder for customizers who want a clear Android or perhaps have an idea for the micro-android inside. Apparently the micro-android is full articulated and comes with a keychain attachment, also good for customizing. So this Series 3 design, while lacking in razzle-dazzle will definitely be appreciated by a variety of artists and collectors alike. If you're wondering when you can finally grab some of these guys they'll finally be available at Andrew Bell's shop starting Monday 9/24 at 11am EST for shipments starting on 9/26.... [ read more ]


Android Series 3 peek part 06Cry-On by MAD

One of my favorite MAD*L designs from Phase 2 is now making a re-appearance for Android Series 3. The 'Cry-On' design by MAD (Jeremy Madl) actually looks a bit more like a spray-can on the Android than the MAD*L, but I think I'm still more partial to the MAD*L version. Maybe because I'm an iPhone user ... who knows? Good news is Andrew Bell should be releasing the drop dates later today.... [ read more ]


Android Series 3 peek part 05Intergalactic by KaNo

Another day and another Android - Series 3 announcement. This Android design 'Intergalactic' by KaNo pays tribute to the Beastie Boys song of the same name where the boys wore Japanese construction outfits. The design was created before the passing of MCA which makes this design a bit more special. Armed with a mic accessory, ready to let the beat drop with a 1/16 ratio.... [ read more ]


Android Series 3 peek part 04Barista Bot by Andrew Bell

Today's Android - Series 3 preview is 'Barista Bot' from the man himself Andrew Bell. I'm a big fan of Andrew's work, and I love the fact that he just links to us from his site if you want to check out his work. If anyone else wants to do that too we wouldn't mind. Anyway, I'm really psyched by all these designs and that Andrew is releasing nice images of this series so I don't have to hunt them down for the library like the last two. Hopefully more updates over the next week or two until they start hitting the shelves of your favorite retailer.... [ read more ]


Android Series 3 peek part 03Nexus by Google

As a businessman I understand why Google wants to have some 'commercial' designs, but as a collector I generally find these Androids pretty weak. Though I'm also and iPhone owner, so you can read however you want into that statement. This Android - Series 3 design sports a smokey dark translucent body and carries the latest generation flagship 4G LTE GSM dual band tri force quadruple card 5GHz 5" HD* completely non-functional miniature Nexus phone accessory. That whole sentence came right from Andrew Bell's blog post and I have no idea what it means.... [ read more ]


Another Series 3 Android Preview in the same day?Escape Ape by Kronk

I happened to be stumbling around on Trampt's Pinterest ... which I normally just use in the morning to post our daily customs, prints, and toy rewind, when all of asudden I see an unfamiliar Android design. Looks like Kronk decided to pin his design 'Escape Ape' for the soon to be released Android - Series 3 hitting your local retail shop in about two weeks. I knew that site was good for something.... [ read more ]


Android Series 3 should be dropping in two weeks8-Ball Hustler by SketOne

There are a couple guys that I work with in my day job who know I collect toys, and that I run Trampt. For the last month their Android loving impatience had been annoying the crap out of me as they think I have a direct connection to everyone in the toy world. I kept telling them I have no idea when Series 3 Androids are coming out or why Andrew Bell was personally withholding their toys. It seems like their wait won't be for much longer as Series 3 will be hitting retailers in a week or two. This shot of '8-Ball Hustler' by SketOne makes me really hope if I tip him over it will tell me my future ... I have big dreams. Anyway, get your wallets ready and look for an official release from you favorite store soon.... [ read more ]

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