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Vinyl or Resin

So people, resin or vinyl, whats your drug of choice.?  For me over the years it has changed from my initial fascination with blind boxed production toys to my love primarily for the resin toy...

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How many artists live solely off selling their work?

Initially I was going to ask how many artists work 'full-time' on their art, but that seemed like a loaded question since many put in 40+ hours a week on top of their 'other' job(s). The reason I'm...

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  • Started: almost 10 years ago by keegan
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Customizing Toys

I know painting and drawing on toys are the simplest form of customizing a toy, but I would like to hear how some of you customizers on trampt do sculpts and other ways of customizing. I really enj...

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  • Started: almost 10 years ago by cleareason
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Podgonaut_-_edition_a_chase-cris_rose_podgy_panda-sprog-self-produced-trampt-42707tPodgonaut - edition a (chase) Sprog by Cris Rose, Podgy Panda

The first batch of Podgonauts are rearing to go! These fine lads of the Panda Exploration Core are equipped with everything they need for their top secret mission. High powered Jetpacks, advanced s...

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  • Started: almost 10 years ago
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