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Bootlegs and Knock Offs.

I was just reading an article that was talking about a man being arrested for selling 1,300 bootlegs. How common is this? Are there any resources to protect against this? Are there any grading/veri...

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Welcome to conversations - Hello My Name is Keegan

Hey guys ... I'm going to make a quick faq/feedback conversation to handle some of the glitches, requests or general feedback on this new section of the site. In the meantime I thought I would int...

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  • Started: about 11 years ago by keegan
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Conversations FAQ & Feedback Area

We we've created this pinned thread to talk a bit about conversations and to also get feedback from everyone as we implement more updates to this section. Most of the features are for formatti...

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  • Started: about 11 years ago by keegan
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Lilitu-tara_mcpherson-lilitu-kidrobot-trampt-312822tLilitu Lilitu by Tara McPherson from Kidrobot

There is no hiding. A succubus walks. Lilitu. Sexually charged, violently destructive, A Sumerian myth, a demon to be feared. To love and to kill without remorse, one man at a time. The unsuspec...

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  • Started: about 11 years ago
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Infected_misfortune_cat_exorcism-ferg_scott_wilkowski-misfortune_cat-trampt-80109tReverse misfortune cat Misfortune Cat by Ferg, Scott Wilkowski

CAD Lottery The "infected" portion of this series was placed backwards into the resin.

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  • Started: over 10 years ago
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Will you work for Toys? Tenacious Toys is looking for a New Blogger.

Here is their job description: Respect and love to Jared Schaller who needs to focus on school now and is bowing out. I am looking for someone that can write 10 short posts per week about designer...

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Ironclad_decimator_-_mechtorian-doktor_a-dunny-kidrobot-trampt-299553tMechtorian ironclad decimator Dunny by Doktor A from Kidrobot


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  • Started: almost 11 years ago
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Kaws Astro Boy Companion to be released on October 27, 2012

Well Vinyl Pulse just broke the news for me that a new Kaws piece is coming out. Check their entry here. At $231, I'm not convinced to go after it. I'd rather get a resting Companion or an Or...

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Merchandise & the Library Debate: What should be in & out?

Hello all, So we see a lot of people add things to the library that then get removed because they are merchandise. (I have done it with Sucklord toilet paper) I know this can be confusing for peo...

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