Full Name:

Jason W.


I am an art collector who just discovered Art Toys At the end of January 2012. It was the Fat Tony that got me hooked. I purchased it and Barney Grin from TAG at the begining of February and have since aquired many other pieces.

In addition to Art Toys I Collect:

01) Comic Books and Comic Book Original Art

02) Salvador Dali

03) Yukio-e (Japanese Woodblock Prints)

04) Contemporary Art

05) Low Brow Art

06) Illustration Art

07) Mixed Media and Collage

08) Government Propaganda Posters

09) Vintage Movie Posters

10) Art Hustle Trading Cards and Non-

Sports Cards

11) Books, Illustrated Books, Original Book


So far I find I like Art Toys by:

01) Ron English

02) Frank Kozik

03) Ashley Wood

04) Andrew Bell

05) Luke Chueh

However, this has rekindled a pation in me for toys I used to have as a kid and I'm thinking about looking for:

01) G. I. Joe

02) Star Wars

03) Transformers

04) GO Bots

05) M.U.S.C.L.E.S.

06) Battle Beast

Who knows where my collecting will lead me.

Member Since:

April 4, 2012

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