Daniel Fleres Artist

Daniel Fleres was born in 1982 in Walnut Creek, CA. As a kid, he was fascinated with saturday morning cartoons, video games, comic book super heroes and the chance to work in the fields that inspir...

crazylikeafox11 User

I collect toys, dvds, play video games and somewhat recently got into comics. (I figure there's a lot of toys based off comic characters so why not start reading them?) Sometimes I have great...

The Cotton Candy Machine Venue

Cotton Candy Machine is the new art boutique created by Tara McPherson and Sean Leonard located in Brooklyn, NYC. Specializing in art prints, posters, shirts, books, toys, and more by a variety of ...

Scott Radke Artist

Cleveland Based artist who works from his subconscious imagery… Mixed media sculpture, animal human hybrid explorations. Highly influenced by nature. Radke’s artwork can be found from London to ...

masao626 User

Discovered "urban vinyl" and "low brow/popsurrealist art" in 2004. My obsessions include collecting art/art toys, being a mommy to my 4 kitties and eating. One day they will find my body under...

CrisR User

An artist based in London. He makes robots and takes photos.

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