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How to make trampt better!

Hi guys, first of all I have to say I love trampt! It looks awesome and hits all my interests in the right spot. Nevertheless there are a lot of features missing on trampt. I know there is this g...

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Stumpy_warburton_-_bronze-doktor_a-stumpy_warburton-self-produced-trampt-152982tStumpy warburton - bronze Stumpy Warburton by Doktor A

Proof Reader and part time poet, Samuel "Stumpy" Warburton is the founder of the limbs can hold you back society. He is an outgoing, social fellow with ambitions to one day take up hang-gliding.

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  • Started: almost 6 years ago
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Your Favorite Toy Of All Time

Let's forget about pricetags and rarity for now. If money wasn't an option, and you could pick any one piece of your choise, what would be your absolute hoy grail piece, and why?   (And yes,...

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Which toy or print started you 'collecting'?

I've mentioned a few times on the site that pulling a Frank Kozik's 'Mecadunny' from Dunny - Series 5 blindbox is what made me want to figure out what the hell Dunnys were ...

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  • Started: about 8 years ago by keegan
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Chainsaw_panda-eric_pause-dunny-trampt-25315tChainsaw panda Dunny by Eric Pause

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  • Started: about 8 years ago
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Anybody seen the movie 'Just Like Being There' (2012)?

It's a pretty decent documentary on screenprinted concert flyers and art prints that I caught on Netflix. I think a lot of folks on here would definitely dig it! (& sorry if this conversation a...

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  • Started: about 7 years ago by Necktie
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Had to take an internet break for a few months to finish my MA. Now I'm official a Master of Arts!

So...can anybody update me on the past 7 or so months of news and activity on Trampt and elsewhere in the vinyl world? I can't bear the thought of scrolling through THAT much backed up news! Just n...

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  • Started: about 7 years ago by Necktie
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Stephan_pioneer_lepodd-doktor_a-stephan_lepodd-trampt-45653tStephan "pioneer" lepodd Stephan LePodd by Doktor A

The details on this sweet piece are top-notch from the cowboy hat to the pistol to the wood-grain on the steam-pack. Prize in a Mechtorians photo competition.

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  • Started: about 8 years ago
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What is the Biggest Mistake You've Made Learning to Customize Toys?

Custom toys is a virgin territory for me, and nature abhors a virgin. So, please help me out and share some of your experiences as you've travelled the learning curve.I'm looking forward ...

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Introduce yourself :D

Howdy all, Obviously im Mister Quiche here, my real name is Keith & I live in Stockholm, Sweden., though i'm originally Irish :) I started collecting back in '05, most of my original collecti...

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