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I collect toys, dvds, play video games and somewhat recently got into comics. (I figure there's a lot of toys based off comic characters so why not start reading them?)

Sometimes I have great insights into life, like once I was driving home from the library when it struck me that I'd never own a whale. This was kind of sad at first, but a few seconds later I was ok with it. Now if big animals ever become minaturized, I'll be in line for one. I'll also take a tiny elephant and tiny giraffe. I also once proclaimed on a bus full of people that if I were a cow, I'd run around the pasture licking all of the other cows telling them how delicious they were going to be. (Seriously, that's a true story.)

I also think being a giraffe trainer and coming up with a saddle for them so people can ride them at carnivals and stuff would be a pretty cool job. (My current occupation is about as far from this as you can get.)

And no, none of these ideas are things I thought of as a child. =D

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November 23, 2011

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