Full Name:

Alexa Hartford


Follow me on instagram at picsyfly. I am the manager at a gallery in downtown Asheville, NC. I will have an art degree from UNC Asheville, with a focus on sculpture. i also do work in ceramics, photography, metal and textile. i do black and white film photography as well as digital, i also like to play with Photoshop, for more abstract images.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my work my work please email me, they are photographs so they can be printed in any size and on a variety of mediums, such as canvas, metal, or photo paper. My work is on display at goldworks gallery, in Asheville. I also have a website with more work so please check it out.

We are always looking for new artist to consign work if your in the Asheville area!! check us out at goldworks gallery on facebook.


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August 8, 2012

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