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  • 1 Replies

Vincent_vs_liquid-instinctoy_hiroto_ohkubo-vincent_vs_liquid-instinctoy-trampt-272034tVincent vs liquid - folding screen dragon Vincent VS Liquid by Instinctoy (Hiroto Ohkubo) from Instinctoy

VINCENT production concept is based on the flying golden dragon on the folding screen however the golden will be assimilating into the environment with different furnishing source and different sit...

  • 2 Replies

Eiranin_the_snow_patrolling_polar_explorer-mapmap-panda_king-trampt-271882tEiranin: the snow patrolling polar explorer Panda King by MApMAp

Most days it is the usual scoping out of tundra lost travellers, with a small "found you fee" to keep the boot spikes sharp and the hammer heavy. But when everyone is safe in the huts and cabins Ei...

  • 2 Replies
  • 2 Replies

Cloth_head-doktor_a-kaniza-toyqube-trampt-9329tCloth head (mono) Kaniza by Doktor A from ToyQube

Doktor A has been creating some really outstanding customs for some time. Known for using metals and various ordinary objects, he certainly has a unique style. Bring home some of his creativity wit...

  • 1 Replies

Skin_deep_version_gangsta_bill-mad_jeremy_madl-bill_the_yeti-strangekiss-trampt-16924tSkin deep version gangsta bill Bill the Yeti by MAD (Jeremy Madl) from Strangekiss

Gangsta Bill is always down to tag any wall our cause trouble. Gangsta Bill is fully tattooed from head to foot and proudly wears his black bandana to show where he is from. We asked him in an inte...

  • 1 Replies

Bill_the_yeti-david_lanham-bill_the_yeti-strangekiss-trampt-22061tBill the yeti Bill the Yeti by David Lanham from Strangekiss

Walking around the forest, woods or any place less traveled while in a constant state of amazement, Bill loves just looking at the ground and counting bugs or climbing trees for better views. Peopl...

  • 1 Replies

Mantra_bill-frank_kozik_david_lanham-bill_the_yeti-strangekiss-trampt-14939tMantra bill Bill the Yeti by Frank Kozik, David Lanham from Strangekiss

Mantra Bill by Frank Kozik is an alter ego to David Lanham's Bill the Yeti. Mantra Bill is on a mission but is conflicted with his own beliefs as he must struggle between his duty and the calling o...

  • 1 Replies
  • 1 Replies

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