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Bedtime Stories

myplasticheart and Peter Kato are proud to present Bedtime Stories, the first custom exhibition of Bedtime Bunnies, an original character created and designed by Peter Kato. This exhibition will debut a 4.5 inch version of the character made specifically for the exhibition. Showcasing the work of over 30 artists exploring the theme of bedtime stories, we invite them to revisit some of their favorite classic fairytales. Bedtime stories come in many varieties, whether it’s a fairytale or fable or nursery rhyme, they bring us back to our childhood and our memories of stories and storytelling. Each custom Bedtime Bunny will tell it's own story and give us a glimpse into each artist's childhood inspiration.


Tiny Trifecta : 2014


Creatures of the Night

Nathan Jurevicius and Joe Ledbetter join us for an amazing 2 man show featuring their amazing and colorful artworks. C'mon out to see what these two artists have up their sleeve as everything is reasonable priced for the holidays you're sure to find something fantastic for that someone special. And be sure to give Joe a hi-five as the show lands on his birthday!


Scarygirl 10th Anniversary Show

Back in 2004, Magic Pony hosted Nathan’s first North American art show “Forests Have Feelings Too” and held our very first DIY Toy Party with Nathan as the guest artist! Oh the memories! Since then, Scarygirl has become a cult character whose designer toys, online comic, game and artwork have won millions of fans world-wide. To celebrate a decade of creativity, Nathan Jurevicius has curated over 100 artists to create the Scarygirl 10 year Anniversary exhibition. Each artist has selected one of the main characters from the world of Scarygirl – Chihoohoo, Treedweller, Blister, Egg, Bunniguru, Dr Maybee, and Scary Girl and reinterpreted them in their own style. Participating artists include: Alex Mcleod & Krystle Tabujara, Angel & Justin, Akiko Ito, Akinori Oishi, Aaron Stewart, Ajee, Apak, Abe Lincoln Jr, Andrew Bell, Ania Tomicka, Andrea Kang, Allison Cole, Arv Slabosevicius, Adrienne Marcella Kammerer, Austin Power, Beck Wheeler, Bwana Spoons, Bubi Au Yeung, Bibbe Hansen, Ben Newman, Bev Hogue, Darcel Disappoints, Diavù, Destroy You, David Healey, Erica Calardo, Eric Holswade, Emily Bricker, Emiline Allen, Evoker, Erin Bushelman, The Beast Brothers, Frank Kozik, Gemma Correll, Gary Ham, Gabe Gill, Hyein Lee, Haze XXL, HAZ, Itokin Park, Junko Mizuno, Jesse LeDoux, Jesse Hernandez, Jon Burgerman, Joshua Ben Longo, J★RYU, MAD, Jermaine Rogers, Jillian Clark, Juan Molinet, Joe Ledbetter, Javier Gonzalez Burgos, Jeremyville, Kozyndan, Karen Kuehn, Lamour Supreme, Lou Pimentel, Leah Chun, Luke Jurevicius, Luke Chueh, Lana Crooks, Lunartik, Luke Temby, Luke Rook, MARKA27, Mark Gmehling, Motomichi Nakamura, Melinda Josie, Misery, MCA, Matthew Langille, Mishka, Miki Mottes, Mako Fufu, Matthieu Dutheil/K.Olin tribe, Nicholas Aoki, Nahum Ziersch, Patrick Ma, Pelon Cho, Patricio Oliver, Paul S O’Connor, Paul Shih, Peter Kato, Roque Ballesteros, Rolito, Raymond Lemstra, Ryan ‘Downtimer’ Alm, Ryan Matthew Cohn, Rebecca Adams, Remy Poisson, Rilla Alexander, Ryan Cox, Rob Reger, Ritzy Periwinkle, Sonni Adrian, Steve Manale, Sam Fout, Steve Alexander, Scott Tolleson, Steve Wilson, Shaun Tan, S.Britt, Salamander, Shawn Smith, Selena Wong, Scott Wetterschneider, Sabina Hahn, TADO, Touma, Tokyoplastic, Tokyobunny, Thomas Han, Tamar Moshkovitz/GO-TAM, Tara McPherson, Uman, Vitas Jurevicius, We Kill You, ZombieKid Yuck.

  • Dates: October 31, 2012 | November 11, 2012
  • Venue: Toy Tokyo

Tiny Trifecta : 2012

Featuring THREE tiny pieces of $100 art from each artist!


The Tales of Bucket Town

  • Dates: August 5, 2011 | September 4, 2011
  • Venue: Rotofugi

New Moon : 2011

myplasticheart presents the 3rd annual New Moon: Interpretations of the Chinese Zodiac group exhibit. This year 24 artists will try their hand at re-imagining the 12 zodiac animals of the Chinese lunar calendar.


Love Movement

"Love should be everywhere in our daily life. Because Love is invisible, and we can’t touch it or buy it, we usually pass over it. Modern society lacks Love due to a lack of communication. If I want Love from someone, and I don’t give the person Love, it’s unfair. It’s wrong just requiring Love from someone. If you start giving Love to people around you, Love will be everywhere, and we can live happily. If the world were to embrace the Love Movement, it would solve many problems we have." –Nao "Many creators put their Love into this exhibition. Please feel their Love. Giving Love will bring even bigger Love back to you. We can spread Love. That is the Love Movement." –Shin



Taking thematic inspiration from the need to find cures for disease this group art exhibition will consist of each artist creating an original piece of art inspired by the theme. 25% of all exhibition sales will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to assist in their research into discovering cures for breast cancer. This particular exhibition has a very personal connection to me as I am a breast cancer survivor, being diagnosed less than a week after signing the lease agreement to open Rivet. In it's own way, I'd like this exhibition to help in a small way to further fund the research that played such a role in my own treatment as it has in countless other lives.


SDCC : 2008

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