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Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

He is Illustrator, Street- and Graffitiartist and mainly known for his prolific street art concept, the RABBIT EYE MOVEMENT. „One story I want to tell to the audience. This one is all about “holy media” and how it brainfucks us. You see a lot of old stuff which I recycle because it’s been part of my youth. Stuff what I liked, cartoons I loved like the teenage mutant ninja turtles or skate symbols like the screaming hand. Many of our generation have a connection to those things because we know it and mostly because we’ve been watching TV all our childhood. At least that happened to me, hahaha. But I think we all would be painting like we paint without the media influence Pop art would not be existent and that’s our roots. I call our generation the NINTENDO GENERATION and you will see, it’s already happening.“

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