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PJ was born in Hertfordshire with a mixed Thai and English heritage. Throughout his childhood a convergent flame manifested in his spirit composed of his love for the natural world, toys, animation and art.

Equipped with an early obsession for collecting everything from Simpsons comics and Pokémon cards, to fossils and minerals from museum gift shops, to creepy crawlies uncovered from beneath garden rocks, temporarily housed and observed in takeaway boxes, to moulded plastic animals and Lego. All of which eventually lead him to the world of designer toys.

After discovering the custom toy scene in the heart of London and sliding into many an artists DMs for all the tips and tricks he could soak up, PJ purchased his first block of Super Sculpey and got to work. Making and selling his first handmade toys at age 15 in 2012. This passion continued to burn bright and PJ made it his mission after coming home from school to sit at his desk and sculpt, allowing his mind to be transported into the fantasy word his creations inhabited. One filled with vibrant characters inspired by biodiversity and the natural world, whilst also populated by demons and creatures that hide in the darkness. Blending cute and creepy aesthetics with a healthy dose of humour, PJ creates a stunning plethora of quirky characters using vinyl toys and clay from a humble desk situated in his bedroom, surrounded by an array of colourful toys and collectibles on display as well an idyllic window view into his own slice of nature.

​Having graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Model Making and Character Effects, PJ wishes to pursue work in the film and stop-motion animation industry as well as continue to level up his personal art business so that his work can reach and spread joy to the lives of people around the world.

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