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8 Bit and Beyond 2


20 Years of Hellboy




The One Man Army

Mighty Tanaka Presents: The One Man Army. Flying Fortress solo show in New York at the Mighty Tanaka gallery in Brooklyn. New artworks and some little new limited items for you hunters.


Rabid, Wild & Docile

myplasticheart is excited to announce our next show opening on February 24. We have been hinting at it here on the blog, but we are finally revealing all about our next exhibit! Rabid, Wild & Docile will feature a collection of bear inspired artwork and is curated by me! You’ve seen certain characters popping up in the pop-pluralism and low-brow movements but whether it be a panda, a grizzly or a polar bear, this animal has been gracing artists’ brains and finding its way to canvases, stickers, and 3D figures for awhile now. It’s time to bring some of the greatest bear characters together in one room!


Street Fonts

  • Dates: September 3, 2011 | October 3, 2011
  • Venue: La Grille

Jaackk! Booom! Crash! Bääng!

  • Dates: July 16, 2011 | Unknown
  • Venue: Toykio

Endgegner - Die letzte Schlacht

Exhibition with Base23 from Berlin at La Grille Gallery in Yverdon/CH. There will be fresh new original works and limited, signed and numbered 50x70 cm silkscreen prints. One design from each of us and the colab poster of the "Endgegner" image. Schockt mächtig!

  • Dates: December 4, 2010 | Unknown
  • Venue: La Grille

The Monster Within

Buff Monster is best known for his wheat-pasted, street art featuring lumps of ice cream, clouds, and squirting breasts. He needs just a few tones to seize your eyeballs–black, gray, white, and pinks–and his disarmingly sweet imagery has spilled over into the worlds of fashion, collectibles, and galleries, as well as collaborations for the likes of The Standard, Hurley, Vans, Helio, and Nike. For this exhibit, the Los Angeles artist is asking 49 of his artist friends, peers, and colleagues to customize three-inch toys based on his work. A full-color, limited-edition poster will also be made available to commemorate the event and capture the one-of-a-kind pieces.

  • Dates: July 10, 2010 | August 4, 2010
  • Venue: Giant Robot

Big Geezers

Big Geezers group show features works by the would-be family of European and American artists Minivila, Galo, Flying Fortress, Wayne Horse, Miss Riel, Abner Preis, Pez, Morcky Troubles, and The London Police at the Scion Installation LA Space. True to their character, the show is wild and we got a chance to corner a few of the participating artists to ask them about their work for Big Geezers.

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