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Aloha! Lolligag

  • Dates: March 25, 2017 | April 16, 2017
  • Venue: Q Pop

Flower Pepper Gallery - 3rd Anniversary Show

This December we will celebrate our 3rd Year Anniversary with a special exhibition featuring works of art by some of gallery's most promising local and international artists. Throughout these 3 years, we have hosted 28 exhibitions and 7 events at our gallery location in Pasadena. We would like to thank all the artists, collectors and friends for contributing to the success of our first 3 years! We look forward to many, many more! Each participating artist has been carefully hand selected and asked to create artwork specifically for this exhibition. Whether it’s the immaculately rendered and delightfully whimsical work of note illustrator C.F. Payne, or the incredibly executed and slightly ironic oil paintings of artist Chelsea Gustaffson, each piece in this exhibition is sure to delight. Artist Chelsea Gustaffson says of her piece for the show, “My piece focuses on the beauty of a single waratah flower. It’s head and collar of leaves are almost dragon like, rising proud and powerful. The Latin word, effloresco (to bloom, to flourish), is juxtaposed with a contemporary acronym (FTW - for the win) intended to provide a bit of a tongue in cheek reminder that yes, it is important to aspire to be our best and it is equally important to keep a sense of humor and not take Oneself too seriously.”



Nathan Hamill's Bellicosity: A Bellicose Bunny Custom Group Show


Gag Me With A Toon 4

  • Dates: March 17, 2012 | April 14, 2012
  • Venue: WWA Gallery

Circus Folke

Calling all carnies: the next gig to roll into town is Circus: Folke, a two-person exhibition by California-based ‘artist sisters’ Miss Mindy and CJ Metzger. An exploration of the Circus, its characters and all associated nostalgia, Circus: Folke will undoubtedly offer us a peek into a most spectacular tent. Both artists hail from Los Angeles. Mindy an inker, painter, illustrator and sculptor, her growing list of clients includes Warner Brothers, Hard Rock Café, Mindstyle and Nickelodeon Animation. Metzger’s iconic painting, illustration, design and writing has been sought out by such brands as Neiman Marcus, Hot Topic, Fred Eric, Baby Tattoo Books, and the LA Times. Uniting their passion for characters and storytelling with their unique design sensibilities, the sisters create an uber-artistry that leaves a lasting impression.


Winter Salon : 2011

Stranger Factory art space is proud to present “Winter Salon” a group exhibition of new smaller accessible works from Circus Posterus’s artist collective and more. The show will feature several local, national, and international visual artists and designers.


Shades Of Ray

  • Dates: July 29, 2011 | August 31, 2011
  • Venue: WWA Gallery


Who or what is INLE? In 1974, Richard Adam's wrote the beloved classic "Watership Down". It is a tale about overcoming the obstacles of life that try to beat you into submission and coming out on top, told through the unlikely embodiment of rabbits. Upon reading the book at a young age, one particular thread stood out to me. The story of "The Black Rabbit of Inle". It was on page 280 of this book that my Grandfather had gotten for me on a road trip that the story of Inle´ unfolds. The fear he induced in the rabbits who told tales of him is not much unlike our own fears of death and what is unknown. I always questioned was their fear based upon him or the inevitability of their own demise, and was it something to fear or welcome after a long life lived? With this book began my over 24 year obsession with using rabbits as a tool in my art. Upon relating my memories of this book with some artist friends of mine, I wasn't surprised to find they had similar attachments to the story and subsequent movie and that it too was a huge influence on their work. The question is asked over and over "what inspires you and your art?". Well here is one aspect, and In my attempt to keep this story alive and in honor of Richard Adam's timeless story we are proud to present "INLE". -Greg "Craola" Simkins


The Monster Within

Buff Monster is best known for his wheat-pasted, street art featuring lumps of ice cream, clouds, and squirting breasts. He needs just a few tones to seize your eyeballs–black, gray, white, and pinks–and his disarmingly sweet imagery has spilled over into the worlds of fashion, collectibles, and galleries, as well as collaborations for the likes of The Standard, Hurley, Vans, Helio, and Nike. For this exhibit, the Los Angeles artist is asking 49 of his artist friends, peers, and colleagues to customize three-inch toys based on his work. A full-color, limited-edition poster will also be made available to commemorate the event and capture the one-of-a-kind pieces.

  • Dates: July 10, 2010 | August 4, 2010
  • Venue: Giant Robot

SDCC : 2015

  • Dates: Unknown | Unknown
  • Venue: Unknown

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